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Ain't No One Like (2003)


Release Date: October 2003
Track Records TRA 1036

Disc One:
Done This One Before
What Went Down That Night With You
Ain't No Lady
Don't Try to Change My Mind
Well Well Hello
You're So Right
One Step
Lad's Got Money
Cat's Melody (Rat's Tails)
Only You
Three Cool Cats
Around the World
Last Minute
Careless Love
Bye and Bye (Gonna See The King)
The Poacher
Roll on Babe
Tell Everyone
Disc Two
Amelia Earhart's Last Flight
Chicken Wired
Anymore for Anymore
How Come
Give Me a Penny
Tin and Tambourine
You Never Can Tell
A Little Piece of Nothing
Annie Had a Baby
You're So Rude
Man Smart Woman Smarter
Sweet Virginia
Bombers Moon
Don't You Cry For Me


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