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Eric Clapton and his band
with Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance
Tour Program
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Ronnie & Slim Chance
Can Can
Heart & Soul
This was the write up of Ronnie in the program:
Born in the East End of London on 1st April 1946, Ronnie Lane began teaching himself guitar at the age of fifteen, playing with friends in local amateur bands. He decided to turn to the bass and while buying it, he met Steve Marriott in the shop.
A few months later, in 1964, the Small Faces materialised with the arrival of Kenny Jones (an old friend) and Ian McLagan. They built up a local following, attracted rich managers, and became very successful.
The Small Faces epitomised the whole Mod culture with an arrogant, aggressive, stylish image - and music to match. Ronnie co-wrote (with Steve Marriott) several of their hit singles. including 'All Or Nothing', 'Tin Soldiers', 'Lazy Sunday' and 'Itchycoo Park'.
Steve Marriott left the band, but Ronnie Wood arrived to play guitar, bringing Rod Stewart in to sing. No one had great expectations, but a new charge had been ignited and they rocketed to success - the fortunes of the Faces need no elaboration. They made four classic albums ('First Step', 'Long Player', ' A Nod's As Good As A Wink', and 'Ooh La La'), Ronnie again writing much of the material.
But suddenly, early in 1973, Ronnie left the band, weary of the ceaseless, time consuming ballyhoo that accompanied world-wide stardom.
Big-time to big-top. On the last brief holiday he had managed to obtain, Ronnie had fled to Southern Ireland, wandering about the country-side, singing and playing in pubs. Tempted to prolong that kind of relaxed performing situation, he spent the summer in the country, writing songs. before realising a long cherished ambition by forming The Passing Show. The Passing Show, a travelling circus of diverse performers, incorporated the music into an amicable context of varied, casual entertainment.
As its name implied, the show travelled of its own accord, without the tight schedules and rigours for a normal rock 'n' roll tour. With Slim Chance Ronnie has had two hits, 'How Come' and 'The Poacher' and has lately been back in the recording studio where he has just completed an album with Pete Townshend.
After joining his close friend Eric Clapton on a couple of unadvertised -village hall gigs Ronnie was asked by Eric to re-form Slim Chance and to tour with him throughout the U.K. and Europe. In the summer of this year Ronnie will take the band to America to headline a tour in his own right.
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