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The Anvil

A tale of betrayal and love within the walls of a psychiatric institution.

Clare Worthing, a closed flower with an uncompromising soul, becomes part of an experimental new therapy for disturbed adolescents. Moving from a background of elite privilege, through the world of doctors and therapists and onto the streets, her case history exposes a nightmare of incest and intrigue and becomes a penetrating indictment of the psychiatric establishment.

"The first real expose of how incest is handled by the mental health profession."

"A Pandora's box of truths that we all know, but aren't aware that we know."

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When we care not for principles but for people, not for honour but for love, when we ask not what is right but who is hurt, then and only then can we be worthy of trust. When we have not played as we had wanted, when we have let ourselves down, we cannot throw everything in the air and say, "I'm not playing if I can't do it right". We lament what we did, and we go on, and try again to bring joy and love when we know we've brought pain and disappointment.

I am always surprised that we persist in rejoicing at birth and in mourning death. Even though we know birth will end in death, and we cannot change that. We don't try to get it over with. We put off death and we try not to think of it. We never say that a birth is just another birth, that a death is just another death. We continue to rejoice and to mourn when the time comes for these things. There is no other way for us to live.

We just keep on trying.

graphic courtesy of Kyle's Clipart
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