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In the torchlit interior of a dining hall made from tree trunks we see a haggard middle aged man with long greying hair and a beard, both of which still show streaks of red-gold. He is wearing a long sleeved homespun shift but the brooch at his throat, the hilt of his sword, the buckles on his belt and baldric all are made of elaborately wrought gold. As he turns away from the camera, fingering his sword hilt, his back is hunched over in despair. He is Hrothgar, King of the Danes. He speaks in a low voice with his head turned away.

Hrothgar: "I can give you no hope, you know that."

Young man's voice (out of frame, quietly): "I know."

Hrothgar (brokenly): "What you will need.... How can I ask it?"

We see the young man, dressed in the same manner as Hrothgar. He has long ash blond hair.

Young man: "What will I need?"

Hrothgar suddenly moves in on the camera, his haunted eyes intently focussing beyond it onto the young man. His face is alarmingly close, taking up most of the frame.

Hrothgar (hoarsely): "To have faith when there is no God."

graphic courtesy of Castle Trash Medieval Clipart
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