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You know you've been in finland too long when...

1) "Soap" is now something you eat.

2) Its no longer wierd to eat tuna with spaghetti, pizza…etc

3) The four seasons are now: almost winter, rainy winter, snowy winter, and still winter.

4) Your letters home now read:
Dear Mom,
Hi! Im fine! Please send Money!

5)You’re planning on joining AA when you get home.

6) You’re no longer shocked when you see 2 cars in the parking lot and 100 bikes in the bikerack

7) You can honestly go home and tell people that you met Santa Claus

8) You know now that the windows really do open

9) You dont wonder who died anymore when you see everyone wearing black to school.

10) You can honestly say that you lived on bread, butter, and cheese for a year.

11) You now understand why the Yoopers in Michigan talk funny.

12) You think that 80 C in the sauna is cold and 20 C outside is hot.

13) It is no longer wierd to see your friends naked.

14) You now only think of carpet as a furry animal who lives in your vehical

15) you now have the ability to look at the TV and watch pictures

16) You say your W’s like V’s

17) You live week to week wondering what will happen next on Ally McBeal.

18) You fully understand how finns can be quiet, shy people and still have their cell phones glued to their ear.

19) You no longer read September 9th, 2000 as G-G-00

20) You know that 235.000,25 is not 235 and 25 hundred-thousandths.

21) You dont bother trying to explain that your country’s stereotypes are false, but live thelm out vicariously

22) "Regular" and "college ruled" paper now scares you because there is no place to put each letter

23) You know what Sprite Light is

24) It’s now your dream to go to the USA, too!

25) You have no problem putting wet dishes away in the cupboard

26) The coffee is never strong enough

27) You think that eating at McDonalds is a treat

28) You know that "Sokos has free bathrooms!"

29) Salmiakki now makes your mouth water to think of it

30) you no longer wonder if there’s anything to do besides watch TV, you know there’s nothing to do besides watch TV

31) You’ve stopped noticing any bad English because you now speak it too

32) If a stranger smiles at you on the street you assumer they’re either drunk, insane, or english speaking… or a combination of all 3.

33) You know how to flush the toilet

34) You no longer bother asking what’s for dinner but assume it involves fish, rice, potatoes or a combination of the 3.

35) You dont bother explaining what state you are from unless its California, Florida, or New York.

36) You have stopped asking if anyone has any questions.

37) You can introduce yourself, your country and your hobbies in your sleep.

38) You assume that everyone in Sweden is gay.

39) You refuse to wear underware, and any other clothing, unless it has been ironed and neatly folded