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Robert Lindsay; Cheney Jr.












Published by

University Press

New York






An analytical Exploration into the Promise of the Forbidden Planet

An American Legacy for Fathers

©1999 by Robert Lindsay; Cheney Jr.

All rights reserved.



Published by

University Press

New York


Published in the united States of America

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Fathers Rights / Dr. Daniel Amneus, book editor

Includes bibliographical references and index.

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1. Fathers Rights 2. Family 3. Victims of Government and Feminist abuse 4. Political Science

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The following is opinion for educational purposes for all Americans.

First Edition: June 1999

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Dedication Page

To My Father:

Robert Lindsay Cheney Senior


















Chapter 1 Definition of the Problem 1

Chapter 2 Infusion of Mythology against Patriarchal Systems 34

Chapter 3 The Courage to Rule in a Home 66

Chapter 4 The Law as We Know It 90

Chapter 5 Plague Upon Nations 116

Chapter 6 The House that Hillary Built 138

Chapter 7 Abstract Reasoning 170

Chapter 8 What Father’s Should Do 186

Chapter 9 The Death of Modern Feminism 204

Chapter 10 The Real Price Father’s Pay 220

Chapter 11 Morbius Imprinting 260

Chapter 12 WAR 288

Chapter 13 The Silent Treatise 311

Chapter 14 The Hive 337

Chapter 15 What Could Have Been 359

Chapter 16 Feminist Lies and Disinformation 383

Chapter 17 Feminist Hate 415

Chapter 18 My Personal Experiences 433

Chapter 19 The Real Effects of Fatherless Upon America 451

Chapter 22 American Men as Conquerors 481

Appendix A—The Father’s Rights Fact Sheet 511






This book had to be written.

It is the culmination of my 16 year-long struggle with a government and court system which insolently refuses to give Fathers their own children, as mandated by American law. This book is an open, factual, and public indictment against a perverse system of government, courts and the feminists, whom have captured control of our nations courts and usurped this nations laws...if not the outright operation of Government itself. In the words of Supreme Court Justice Thomas C. Clark, it is the irrefutable reality of a nation of which: "Nothing can destroy a government more quickly than its failure to observe its own laws, or words: disregard the character of its own existence."

Simply put: Fathers are in trouble. They have been for over the past quarter century. It has been planned that way. They have been raged upon by a perverse, single-minded design to overthrow the Father at the source of his power: his own home. Do that, then an illegal unseen Elite can thereby, usurp the most basic foundational substrate of this nation itself. When a Father loses the ability to rule in his own home, the resultant pathologies and the political results of that emasculation, have far and incomprehensible effects. These effects are just beginning to be noticed by the American populace, whose breath is taken away from the resultant wars and outrageous tragedies that they are presented with in each and every newspaper and television news report, which documents this sustained conflagration.

What used to transpire in the silence of homes now rages as an outright war across our nations streets—from within each and every individual home, to the workplace—right through to the Presidency of the United States. Indeed—the war, "the leakage" of Feminism: what Ms. Hillary Rodham-Clinton describes as: "The Village"—is nothing less than a devolved, ancient and axiomatic failure. Something of which civilization recognized, then intentionally eradicated some 5000 years ago when the collective breath of Western Civilization "chose" Patriarchy as a design to ascend the human condition. This invention of Patriarchy is exactly what happened. Western Civilization through the institution of Patriarchy continually evolved to help build some of the worlds greatest civilizations—perhaps, which was the preeminent force in creating all civilization as we know it today--including the high-technology ‘westernized’ American civilization. Now, government is cogently forcing us ‘back’ into the regressive Tribal "Village"—which is exemplified through the Socialist/Feminist model of governance. The result? Government now insolently works in direct contradistinction to its own laws, under the guise and fraud that it is "helping" us.

War and destruction are the resultant factorials of feminism—seen on a scale never seen before in human history, silently inflicted upon us all during a time of profound peace. What is most circumspect about this reality, is that this war rages throughout our society as men silently take the abuse and destruction in their lives "as evils are sufferable;" yet government has sent a clear and pervasive message, that it will no longer help nor support Fatherhood either in the home, at work, or throughout society. The resultant perversity has drained several generations of wealth in which to support the ancient Tribalism of Matriarchy, which can only devolve this society. For the first time in American history, our children (the X-Generation in most particular) are being told outright: "You will not do as well as your Grandparents did."

The feminist oligarchy make this political assertion in a nation to where the American national GDP is four times that of what Japan, England, France and Germany make combined. They say this in a time of unheard of technical progression and science. They say this, while an Elite regime get richer and richer all the while the American middle-class erodes into the new classes of the working poor and generationally poor. Again, everyone sees that strangely, America is progressing, all the while; at the same time we are moving backwards. Factually, we are moving ahead because of our past Patriarchal infrastructure and new modern technologies push us ahead, all-the-while Feminism devolves this nations true wealth and pushes unseen and unknown social ‘Tribal’ pressures which pull us behind. Meanwhile nobody ‘truly’ knows what is going on. Indeed, Fathers themselves whom now suffer the effects of battle fatigue, have no idea why they have been pushed away and out of their children’s lives to where now: 40 percent of this nations children grow up with no father in the home. These Fathers, the so-called: "Deadbeat Dads" who now are at epidemic proportions, have no idea that their failure was planned. It was engineered, and designed from the outset of this radical third wave Feminist revolution; a revolution by the way, deeply ensconced in the Soviet Communist system. Father’s have no idea how this happened. They have no voice. They cannot explain themselves—yet; many want them to ‘apologize’ for their supposed transgression—which, by the way; was planned by unseen forces, long before any contemporary American male associated himself with any woman.

What we are speaking of here and what this needless domestic war, and book catalogues, is that we have two opposing systems of government in conflict here. One is Free American, the Other Socialist/Feminist—one is Patriarchal, the other Matriarchal--only one will survive...for they both cannot exist together...

What we are clearly documenting here, are inhumane, illegal, and non-constitutional laws and practices, policies and procedures which are—again—implemented by design implemented to overthrow true American law and justice and replace them with a Fascist/Socialist entity under the tutalege of American ingenuity and efficiency of which, nobody recognizes nor can justify by any legal or stare decisis basis whatsoever. In fact, this book will quote from other disciplines and Institutions who will quizzically pose these conundrums throughout their research—as which will demonstrate categorically, that there is treason in our midst.

This book was written for three reasons:

  1. For the Fathers Rights movement.
  2. For Universities and other Institutes of higher learning.
  3. For future generations.

First, the Fathers Rights movement is a burgeoning movement just beginning to gain critical mass. It is a movement that is made up of the simple ‘producers’ of this world: which are basically men. Indeed, one of the main reasons this design to destroy Fathers and Men through Feminism was because the facts are it is the MEN whom still produce and work within any nation. Government and special interest groups went after Fathers due to the simple fact: "this is where the money is." Feminism, simply has been a very efficient away for a domestic enemy within our government to openly transfer wealth from individuals and families, under a more altruistic virtue. Not only that: it openly attacks and denigrates the home and family. This is where a nation’s true laws, morality, and traditions emanate from. The home is the elemental basis of all power throughout any society. As Blackstone and others noted, overthrow that institution—and any society bows to whatever will usurps that intrinsic entity. Indeed, given the simple realities of quid pro quo—we see even today the disparate realities of the system when men and women are posed with the same ‘crime.’ Men pay—women do not. Men go to jail—for the most part, women do not. Men suffer greatly, and for the greatest part—women do not…

All this implemented by the same Feminists whom scream for equality. Like George Orwell noted, "equality" is only for some farm animals…pigs in most particular. The rest go on wanting…

Yet, Legislators, Judges, and Governors and Presidents; as well as a host of opportunistic "Special Interests" will tell Fathers that they are doing great, that everything is fine, that Justice is served from this insolence. In their next breath however, they will pass even more draconian and Orwellian laws which will undermine our form of governance even further, and the Matriarchal/Tribal/Feminist archetype is assured to continued; all under the guise and fraud that they are passing "law"! ("Law" of which is in continual and direct contradistinction to our form of government).

Meanwhile, our children (for whom this pretended cancerous Leviathan was created) are doing worse and worse and worse. "Save the Children" they continually and incessantly scream. The public, has to fund incredible taxes and the spill-over effects of Police, Courts and Prisons in which to fund this madness...Now, our prisons supersede that of the most oppressive regimes throughout humanity! And our wealth, silently, invisibly; gets drained from the greatest producing nation in the world...and nobody dares explain this truth. But the continual cry of "Best Interests of the Child" go on unabated…and a dull and mulct public, have no idea of the fractures they are through their ignorance and silence, are directly undermining their society, their wealth, their freedoms and outright safety.

Sadly, the Fathers Rights community has no voice to combat this fraud. Fathers get tongue-tied when they come up against unlawful Judges whom criminally deny Fathers even their most basic rights. This book was developed to give Fathers a voice of reasoning, based in law, based in reason...based upon the most sacred and immortal precepts and maxims of the law itself, in which to use against criminal Judges, Legislators and other Special interests groups. When any Father finishes reading this book, he will accurately be able to do war against a well organized and planned Krell Welfare Machine (of which I explain in full in chapter six).

Krell. What is Krell?

This book is based loosely on the allegory of a 1956 MGM movie called "Forbidden Planet"

In that movie, a mission group contained of scientists, go and research a remote solar system, and land on a planet called Altair IV. There they find a sole remaining science laboratory, which is all that remains of an ancient, long lost civilization called the Krell. This civilization was the zenith of development, eons ahead of human civilization. The laboratory and the inner planet, which has been hollowed out in the Krell’s last collective project is the remnant of their most amazing accomplishment. Oddly, the moment the human scientists find this Krell laboratory and the planet machine powering it, the members of this expedition being to mysteriously die from an unseen calamity…until all but a Father (Dr. Morbius) and his tiny baby daughter remain…

Twenty years pass, and another expedition group from earth rushes back towards Altair IV in their flying saucer C-57D to reconnoiter what had happened to the first mission. Upon coming within range of the planet, Dr. Morbius warns the approaching space ship to stay away. These "police" of the 22nd Century keep going in their flying saucer C-57D undeterred, and land.

There they find now an aged Dr. Morbius, and his young daughter, now a young twenty year old woman.

Again, the new expedition follows the last, seeing the amazing accomplishments of the Krell. Dr. Morbius then explains their great collective accomplishment, which parallels our own.

"The Krell," he told them. "Built this great machine, which was the shining culmination of their civilization. It’s job," he portends, "was to take energy from the great machine [and there he points to power meters circling the great laboratory: "Each meter is 10 times the power of the last. Ten, times ten, times ten, times ten—raised almost to the power of infinity!] and then make it possible for any Krell to create anything they wished from the machine, by the mere thought of it."

"What happened?" says our guileless protagonists.

"Well," Dr. Morbius concludes. "That is a mystery. The same night they turned it on, they simply vanished."

Of course what we see here is the Tribal/Communist construct of socialism of which Fathers now are being destroyed and hunted.

In a later scene, we see the conclusion of what really happened, when one of the expeditionary force from C-57D accesses the machine. As he lays dying, he tells our main hero [Leslie Nielsen] what the problem was: "The Krell, completed their machine." He tells them. "But they didn’t know about the ID."

"The ID?" they ask.

"Yes…the ID…the ancient mind. The mind of greed, of lust, of wants and desires, of base and uncontrolled passions.

"Sure…their great intellect was able to access the machine and create what they dreamed of, but the machine also accessed the ID…and as they created, they also destroyed…be base animal urges took over, and they destroyed themselves in a night."

"My great Krell…" Dr. Morbius laments. "They never knew what hit them."

Yes…he is right. And exactly like the Krell Welfare Machine, the modern Welfare Machine works exactly in the same manner: A woman "dreams" she can get rid of her husband or boyfriend. She can ‘cash in’ any equity of the children and go to the "Krell" Welfare Machine that the domestic enemy implementing Radical Third Wave Feminism have ornately built.

Sure, the woman "dreams" of being a stay at home mom, sans any father. Sure, a welfare queen, "dreams" of being Murphy Brown, and sure enough, the Krell Welfare Machine is there, giving her a list of programs to choose from. Training, job training, internships, make work jobs with child care, pay raises…computer and "white collar" executiveship’s just for the asking.

Meanwhile, the Krell Welfare Machine exacts its price. It instantly destroys the Father. It enslaves him. It transfers his wealth silently to the machine. And neither the Father, the mother or our American civilization, truly knows or understands what is going on.

But they do. The embedded enemy within the machine implementing it, and passing draconian laws consuming and cannibalizing this society from within. The machine dutifully stays on, being powered by the infinite debt of our own money system. (Ten times ten, time ten…power raised almost to the level of infinity), of which our current meter of a 5.7 trillion ($5,784,141,843,340.26 as of November 4, 2001).

Ever since those within government supporting this feminized Krell Welfare Machine have "helped" our children—our society like the great Krell civilization has been virtually killed overnight. Now, we have children killing themselves; we have teenage death and suicide rates never before seen in humanity; we have drug use, gang use, teenage pregnancy rates, at levels never before comprehended. We have school test scores plummet to where we are the last (or nearly last) in the world in education. We have social pathologies exploding across the panorama of this society—and all the social engineers keep doing is heaping more laws which proactively support the Krell Welfare Machine which is the incipient cause of the disaster. WE are in fact, going the exact way of the Krell, silently—and not one American can quite put his finger on what is happening—exactly like the proverbial frog boiling in the water.

Any Father thusly reading this book, will then stand on a high plateau, to where he can scan the battlefield and have a wide purview of what is transpiring; and what he can, and cannot do. From this, many Fathers will be able to make more informed choices, more options on how to battle this monster. At minimum, he will able to establish a dialogue with it, and thereby; defend himself. This book was designed to develop lions from sheep, so that the fraud which has been continually perpetrated against unsuspecting Fathers, whom try and "trust" a system, which looks American: which has people wearing robes, and badges, and running around with official forms, documents and ‘supposedly’ under the sanctity of law and justice—well—after reading this book, many Fathers will know the true battle-ground, and can choose a true and just path, and thereby; protect themselves more, and more importantly: their future and their children’s future.

This book was written so that Fathers can recognize as the first Maxim of Law cited in Chapter one of this book: "Children who follow the condition of the Father are those of freemen." Fathers must stop feeling ashamed of not only wanting: but demanding their own children. Not only this, many who read this book will come to the same conclusion that Western Civilization came to 5000 years ago after it annihilated Matriarchy....that we as a society must staple every single child to his father, and keep him there. It is time the American citizenry be given voice to that same discovery. That we can no longer be a nation of Fatherless children.

There can be no longer, and refuting the facts that Fatherlessness within the American experience throughout the past 50 years; has been this nations greatest national disaster. BAR NONE. Adding up the death casualties, the maimed, the missing, those debilitated in health—even the most conservative estimates range higher than any man-made or natural disaster throughout history. The total aggregate numbers of the last quarter century alone, range in the millions—which sadly—are due directly to Feminism. Unfortunately, this is going to get worse, as more and more men begin to come to the end of the State mandated feeding cycle, of which the state leaves them broken, destitute, ostracized, and ruined. These men, many whom are unemployable, (one of the big reasons of how they became "Deadbeats") will once again be recycled into the system as they massively burden our healthcare systems with cancer due to stress and false imprisonment; as they burden our shelters as more and more of them become homeless because they cannot survive economically.

Indeed—if this conflagration were perpetrated upon any other living entity throughout society—there would be International outrage, Environmental groups at the ready, KC130 Military transports standing at the ready, filled to the brim with money, aid, technical expertise and supplied--all willing to aid in the disaster effecting any other social malady—except fatherhood!

But because the American male has undergone these injustices: there is a strange and mulct silence. In fact, it goes beyond silence. There is an outright aversion to even approaching this subject, and bringing it to the forefront of public awareness. As one CBS News desk Director named "Rodney" told me in Los Angeles in July 1998 when we attempted to have them focus on fatherhood: "Fathers Rights is not news."

Unfortunately, as we all know, (now that Fathers Rights is just become fashionable in Washington D.C. and elsewhere) it is beyond news. The Fathers Rights Movement will become this nations next greatest social movement, eclipsing all others. It is destined that way, because of what it represents. If you understand the precepts of Western Civilization, of America, of the foundational blueprint and theology of what brought human-kind to develop a free nation called the united States of America: then you too will become a Patriarch, and you too will be backing Fatherhood.

This book has also been written for the Universities around this nation, many which have had to suffer the Silent Treatise and outright perfidy of Feminism. Feminism has burned many bridges. It has unjustly persecuted many, many people. It has lied. It has cheated. It has fired people for violating unwritten "Politically Correct" principles, which lend themselves directly to the Fifth columns of the Fascist orders of Nazi Germany of WWII. In fact, many worry of a backlash against the Feminism movement—not because it is not due, but rather—because it is due, and like the Nazi’s of WWII, they just don’t want to pay the price of their criminality. They made their bed, and now they look for others to sleep in it. They fully expect nothing to happen to them.

How many University and College Professors have been fired over not adhering to being "Politically Correct?" We don’t have an exact amount—but it is many. More importantly, how many men have been falsely accused, or even imprisoned due only to Feminist Lies and Disinformation? Again, we don’t have exact numbers, but ‘conservatively’ we are speaking of thousands, if not tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands—or greater, have been, and still sit unjustly in jail, only due to the fact, that this Feminist political system has created Anti-Law which now are unjustly enacted and imposed by errant State and Federal Legislatures as well as the Judiciary all across this nation.

What is most amazing, is that these new fascist intolerance’s, completely controvert American law as we know it. They have no basis in either law or reason, and thereby; we as a nation are mandated to destroy what Ms. Clinton and her fellow feminist cabal have illegally built in this nation.

Lastly, and most importantly this book is written for the future. For ‘future’ generations.

We must not only document, but dissect and learn from the disasters which have been placed upon us. We must catalogue not only what happened, but how it happened. So that it will never happen again.

I have written this book on an empirical level. I have had some sections, shown my humanity in order to give the reader some scope of who I am, and what the true panorama of how this has impacted me and others of whom I document here. I have written this not in a low-level manner...rather, I try and push the reader and especially fathers to the limits of their ability. I do not adhere to the ‘lowest common denominator’ theory of communication—at least upon subjects as this. Fathers who have the courage and discipline to finish this book, will be empowered. They will not fear Judges, nor D.A.’s. Indeed, what I am grooming here with this book is an army. An army of which most certainly will the war now is unavoidable. It impresses itself upon every American home..

As an apology, I must state that this book is written in a unique tenor. Some may label it ‘angry.’ Again, after much thought over this, I must admit that this is intentional, as I came to the conclusion, that there can be no mistake about what I am saying here. Many from the other side whom read this book "just don’t get it." After they read this book, in the tenor and succinct treble I have imparted to each and every word; "they’ll get it." They’ll be no mistake about what the Fathers Rights movement is speaking about, nor what we want. The blueprint is not only in our past—it is documented here—our future is contained in these words. I dare them to refute it.

Finally, this book is written with great hopes. My mentor (as I consider him as such) Dr. Daniel Amneus, was the lightning rod for this books development. When I read the Case for Father Custody, I became resolute. The book’s further inspiration came from a friend in trouble, called: "Steve" a bartender in Chico California who just missed being labeled a ‘Dad’ by a blood test which proved he wasn’t the Father. Amazingly, Steve (as well as most Fathers out there) did everything exactly wrong—everything of which he ‘thought’ was right: such as being noble and just, standing up and trying to do the right thing; take the blood test, admit paternity, etc., etc.--which of course helped the D.A., but almost destroyed him. Helping the D.A. is the worst thing you can do, not only for yourself, but also for the next Father who comes along. And most importantly, for your children, OUR CHILDREN, whom are destined to inherit this madness. We have forgotten that children follow the condition of their fathers, and if fathers don’t do well (for any reason) the children won’t also. Steve was lucky. You and other friends you may have, may not be so lucky. This book will help Fathers of all abilities, in all situations. This book has to—because factually, nobody else is helping Fathers. There is a national intent to destroy Fatherhood, and that is exactly what has transpired...presently, Fatherhood has become the greatest crime any person can every commit in this nation, with the most penalties, and the longest sentences ever seen throughout history. Murderers are not hunted, like Fathers are. No crime is.

I do not claim so high a station as to allude that this book will be in every single American’s I don’t imagine this being a best-seller. It is too controversial. It is too truthful. Being a Best Seller wasn’t the design nor the station of this book. This book is for a cadre of people who care, who need to get to a mountain-top, a plateau, in order to peruse and analyze the whole battle-front. It is for people who wish to do the right thing for the future, and for future generations. I think this book has accomplished that.

There have been books before this one which have become part of the national mind-set, and have gone on to implement social change. Books such as Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle; Rachel Carson’s, Silent Spring, and Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock as well as many other books which have made a difference. If anything, I hope this book gives people a chance to pause, to consider the alternate side of the equation, and to come to the mountain-top with me, and to look over the real battle front...not just the false adumbration given on Television. and throughout the mainstream media. I want such people to ask simple questions, such as "Do we change the character and nature of this nations laws, for some other antithetical social cause, no matter what it’s conceived social good?" "Do we re-establish entities which were abhorrent to our Founding Fathers such as Debtors prisons and slavery, in order to subvert our nations laws?" "What is the true investment of the "Cradle to Grave" socialist mindset? Does that investment coalesce with this nations design and Constitutional function?" "Does a Fathers Right to rule in his own home supersede the nation’s larger intent for social engineering?"

These and other primacy questions, have to be perceived and considered by the reader.

The main emphasis of this book is not to believe me, nor to believe Ms. Hillary Clinton, nor a host of experts and other social sages: no! The thing I demand from each and every reader is to believe in yourself. Do not swallow the mindless pabulum of what society has been indoctrinated with...believe your own eyes...believe your own mind...believe in your own country. Again, if we can see and think clearly, and determine for ourselves what is right and wrong, you can be absolutely sure that the Krell Welfare Machine will never accomplish its task. It is time we turn off the Krell Welfare Machine forever.

Or, it will turn us off. Just like in the movie.


Robert Lindsay; Cheney Jr.

November 12, 2001

Currently Underground in California, waiting remedy from the courts.