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The first trial in history for crimes against the peace of the world imposes a grave responsibility. The wrongs which we seek to condemn and punish have been so calculated, so malignant and so devastating that civilization cannot tolerate their being ignored, because it cannot survive their being repeated.

[Opening Address Before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, Germany—by Robert Houghwout Jackson, 1945]





After the postwar period from 1945 till about 1968, the U.S. economy had no equal, This postwar economy raged on practicably unabated, and in reality, no one is sure what would have happened to the American experience upon the rising profits and economy of America, if it had been left alone to flourish and not burdened by the Vietnam War. American Big Business during this timeframe had no equal, and the American male, family, and society greatly benefited by that era of economic expansionism.

American industry because of this however; still could not see the inevitable. They arrogantly kept to their massive antiquated consumerist production models, and engineered products that became bulbous, and very inefficient. Nowhere was this demonstrated better than in Detroit, to where the American car manufactures industry had stagnated because of their relevant inability to change and through competition, to develop better products.

While Detroit rested arrogantly upon the spoils of its postwar economy, an American, named Robert Deming went over to Japan, and began teaching them the systems of American manufacturing and excellence. What foundational American rules and precepts that built American industry into a giant, were now lost to it due to its own incompetence of having a sheer monopoly over cheap raw materials, labor, an educated healthy, long-term, non-war torn society, and with no effective competition; it was now being challenged by the rise of Deming’s inculcation to postwar Japan.

"For decades the U.S. auto industry employed more workers than any other, consumed more raw materials than any other, paid more taxes than any other, and dominated world production for than any other [industry]. Yet, today that industry is contracting, packing, and leaving America, forever, if we do not change our national policy.

..."When the war ended, Detroit converted its assembly lines with Yankee efficiency and began churning out the powerful, fashionable, and fancy new cars that were the prewar specialty of the United States.

...."Half a century later, Detroit had become the symbol and standard of urban decay, a burned-out city of a million where on Devil’s Night vandals set fire to transh cans, gutted buildings, and abandoned homes. In 1996 I was driven downtown to an interview with the radio legend J.P. McCarthy. For blocks on end, we silently view the hollowed-out ruins and vagrant homeless people. Detroit seemed a city fought over by hostile armies, then abandoned. This looks like pictures of Beirut, I thought.

[The Great Betrayal, How American Sovereignty, and Social Justice Are Being Sacrificed to the Gods of the Global Economy, by Patrick J. Buchanan, ©1998, Little, Brown and Company, Boston, New York, ISBN 0-316-11518-5; pp. 75-77.]

In the 1970’s American Industry got blindsided by the inevitable. The 1973 "Oil Embargo" established an ‘oil crisis’ within America and the consumers of America were reluctantly forced to admit that American cars were in fact obsolete, not efficient, and oh-by-the-way; these Japanese cars ain’t that bad...

This was a reluctant decision upon the part of the American consumer. Plighted pleas from American Industry to "Buy American", went unheeded, and although many American’s felt ashamed at having to make the ‘free market’ choice of selecting a better product; the effects of Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand proved all too clear: Americans were buying superior Japanese products, for a cheaper price. This was classic economic theory, and in retrospect; one of the best things ever to happen to American Industry.

Soon, industry recognized it had to retool, change, and keep efficiency of their product high in a fluid, changing marketplace.

The rise of American feminism has presented us with an equally puzzling paradigm. Because of the women’s revolution of the 1960’s and 1970’s, American men are posed with a similar problem which effected the American Consumer during the Oil Crisis: he has come to face the fact that American Feminism through their doctrines of gaining ‘Super-Rights’ for women all in the name of ‘equality’; has in fact wrought an inferior product. The feminized American woman is something men just don’t want. The present American woman imbues within her the same anachronism’s and failure of a 1973 Cadillac...and American men ‘just ain’t buying it’ anymore. The rising divorce, and plummeting marriage rates are but shared proof’s of this fact.

This was clearly demonstrated recently on Roseanne, a daytime talk-show starring Roseanne Barr which essentially espouses feminist propaganda and/or mindset to the mass audience of mostly women. In the show I refer to here, Gloria Aldrich was a guest, and Roseanne also had what I assumed was a new young female actress—I don’t know who she was—because I tuned in late to the show. However; I was intrigued at the interaction of the show, I couldn’t readily put my finger on it because I was mostly writing this book at the time. However; upon secondary examination, I picked up that Gloria Aldrich was not a happy camper with a young female guest who was also on this show. She sat back, with her arms stiffly folded in front of her, in which this young actress on this show was cruelly admonishing her: "...We don’t agree with you past feminists who feel that all men are bad," this young woman said. What surprised me was this young woman was contemptuously talking down to Ms. Aldrich. I immediately stopped my writing and turned up the volume on the TV, as I couldn’t believe my ears. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing nor did I know exactly what was happening.

This young woman virtually tore into the classical doctrines of Feminism and ripped Aldrich a new you-know-what. She was like a Pitt Bull, and she just didn’t stop.

I was utterly stunned. This young and apparently capable woman was tearing down a wall that took a century and a half to build and in which a nation of men has tried to tear down—and this young female was doing it on her own on the Roseanne Barr Show!!! In front of national television audience, all by herself!!!!

The ensconced conversation took on comic proportions, as Roseanne, who was clearly shaken by seeing Ms. Aldrich get wiped by this woman that she tried to deflect the tenor of what was happening to something more light and effacing, in hopes to somewhat shield Ms. Aldrich, who was being intellectually torn apart. Ms. Aldrich who was absolutely pale white, with her eyes starting directly ahead, like the eyes of a startled deer in the lights of a nighttime car, could only weakly parry these attacks on the whole NOW doctrinal foundation’s by placing forwards the lame old ‘classical’ feminist doctrine of: "Lets Save the Children" and "All Woman are Abused" arguments. It clearly wasn’t working. And this young woman (whom I never found out who she was) kept on-point after point unabated, dissuaded by either supposed power of Ms.’s Barr or Aldrich.

I practically got up in front of the TV and cheered!

What we see here is something a long time coming—and although Ms.’s Aldrich, Barr, Walters, Roddham-Clinton, Steinhem, Friedan, and others within the same contemporary feminist hive are extremely powerful and consuming Matriarchal archetypes within their separate fields of endeavor--like the casual observation of the Death-Star Commander made to Darth Vader, this young female guest was essentially saying: "You are the last of your dying religion."

This chronic death is not due to any sustained attack by Fathers Rights groups or by the unseen "Radical Right Wing Conspiracies," rather, it is due, like the dinosaurs of epoch’s past, and like Detroit of the 1970’s, to their own repression of truth and to their religious attendance to a false system ideology. What I am saying here, is just like the fallow, misguided policies of American Industries of the 1960’s and 1970’s which drove many companies into bankruptcy, and which lost both national and world markets to (most) Japanese Industry, Feminism is now suffering from being destroyed by the weight of their own misguided theories and premises.

"All men aren’t bad," this young woman kept saying. Ms. Aldrich responded of course, in predictable feminist fashion—by holding up the tired and overused mutilated beggar doctrine which they have effectively used for the past 200 years: "Oh! But we have to save the Children and women from abuse!!" Again, as I have shown in Chapter Seven, these mutilated beggar’s that actually exist within the American society—are way, way at one extreme end of the bell curve. Not in the middle. It has become predictable, that this tired feminist doctrine is only being used to keep feminism in power. The idea that this young woman spoke the obvious sounded almost revolutionary: "not all men are bed," she continually affirmed. This shows that society, especially modern womanhood is no longer buying into the anachronistic myth of feminism any longer. Clearly, this young woman did not read all the scientific periodical abstracts, and rote social science papers all which support her innate thesis that "all men aren’t bad." But what she is doing however, is telling Ms. Aldrich, and the dying feminist Matriarch’s, that they have lied in establishing their own false doctrines to assume power, and now a younger generation of woman know the truth, have rediscovered the obvious through the American experience, and that they aren’t buying into the feminist lies and disinformation any longer.

Again, these Feminist Lies and Disinformation which we spoke of earlier in this book—have been a sustained, what has become pure mythology--only propagated by the power of Government, and through the mainstream media. However; the rote realities of day to day life (as well as scientific study after scientific study) are factually showing many Americans the obvious, that "all men aren’t bad."

Yet, again, remember; for Feminism to live and for the Krell Welfare Machine to propagate, there must be a sacrifice: a bogeyman. If this system loses that (slave), then; the system gets instantly turned off. Ms. Aldrich didn’t directly respond back to this young woman, not because of any adhesion to decorum or etiquette, rather; she didn’t respond to this young woman because she factually couldn’t!!! Because her system is based off of the extreme end of the Bell curve and it is based off lies and disinformation. This young woman was stating the truth, as many other Americans along with her, are just beginning to ‘rediscover the obvious.’ The fact is that Ms. Aldrich along with a coterie of fallow Matriarch’s are now dying by their own sword which they themselves forged through lies and disinformation, is somewhat prophetic. Like the fable of the little boy who cried wolf too many times—the feminists have gone shrill in holding up the Children as mutilated beggars in which to rage upon the Father, unholy and illegal attacks against him, his home, and his wealth! Feminism and these aging Matriarch’s are like Darth Vadar, "the last of their dying religion" of their own perverse religious mindset. This has to happen because—their religion is a false one—it doesn’t work! It is based within the Dark Force of lies. If it did work, women wouldn’t need subsidy, they wouldn’t need to vilify and invent men into criminals, they wouldn’t need to lie, they wouldn’t need to hold children up as ‘mutilated beggars.’ The palladium of their own filth, is dragging them down. This, unfortunately, is the house they built; and in accordance with the natural laws which accompany the fallow foundation in which it was established—it is now falling in upon itself by its own weight of decrepit lies and distortions and human injustice. We have seen this same house built by racists, religious zealots, and other charismatic political figures—and what happened to those entities—is now happening to feminism, because it is part of the false doctrine in which they have bred themselves. The only thing that has sustained this unnatural order is the inhuman amounts of money and direct subsidy given to it by a criminally complicit government, and media by the enslavement of men, who keep on paying into it because of fear...which exactly like the Krell Welfare Machine, is powered by almost unlimited amounts of money.

This era of Matriarchy has also unfortunately; established an unacceptable subset of womanhood. This new power conscious, genderless entity, is inferior products which cannot be even approached by men, as it is the final development of an anachronistic postmodern Industrial amoral American society. Contemporary men do even not want these feminized women. And exactly as the mainstream American consumer did in the 1970’s, contemporary men are going to ‘foreign markets’ in which to find wives. This again, is clear proof of the failure of modern feminism. Yet in its dying death throes, radical feminist will still scream out that this is okay...that women don’t need men; that gay and lesbian lifestyles is ‘okay’ for this society; that children don’t need a father, just ‘surrogate’ substitute fathers; Mentors; Big Brothers; Foster Homes—all which can be a viable lifestyle. Many still chant the mantra that sperm is a virulent poison; and that all men are evil, Deadbeat Dad’s; and abusers. In this light, who would want to marry or even be involved with such women? Our answer to this question, comes easily from marriage statistic’s cited earlier which have been on a steady decline since the imposition of feminism upon this nation.

The modern Fathers Rights movement must see Feminism in the real light in which it is—and by its destructive force not only in their lives, but in the lives of our children who will, like this young woman courageously chastising one of the Fountainhead Matriarch’s of Feminism, that this system is wrong; it is dying; and it just is not the right thing for the American people—especially young women—which are turning their backs upon its radical doctrines. The modern Men’s Movement must have the same courage as this young woman: to call a spade a spade—and to tell the simple truth--and to be damned of who we are telling it to. The time has been long overdue for the despicable institution of ‘Political Correctness’ to be overtly, and publicly taken in the back of the yard, and ceremoniously shot directly in the head..

Patriarch’s and most men recognize that the Feminist woman is not good for either him or society. They recognize that upon separation or divorce that men are being civilly killed, raped and screwed in court; driven into poverty and slavery; and handed an antithetical system in direct opposition to our form of government. "You don’t have any Constitutional Rights" these ‘supposed ‘constitutional’ Article III tribunals are telling only fathers! This feminist system is based off of unfairness, and abject tyranny. The political maxim stated so many times before, that a ‘house divided, cannot stand’, such is the leading rule here.

But men are so terrorized by this system, they pay into this madness. They then submit to the theft of their hard-earned wealth, and more importantly they obsequiously give their own personal, and their own children’s inheritance away to the same enemy we fathers must collectively fight: the local DA and State and Federal Governments. These sums fathers pay out, some reasonable, most frighteningly despotic—is loss of the wealth of the Family and the greater Society, and this is in fact the real abuse occurring in this nation. It is the abuse of seizing a child’s inheritance through killing primogeniture, or from and by the direct theft of his parent: mostly the father, and this is patently both unlawful and illegal under our form of governance. Trillions have been acquired by this theft, into a Black Hole of Government budgets, which in turn; produce nothing for America...just prisons, welfare and debt.

Most men don’t have the courage to directly face the dying feminist regime that was encapsulated so well by Ms. Aldrich on the Roseanne show. Most men wouldn’t think of challenging this Matriarch at her weakest most vulnerable arena: with the simple truth: "all men aren’t bad." "All children aren’t abused." "All Fathers don’t abandon their children." "Fathers and Families are good."

Talking in these terms is alien to most fathers, because for the greatest part they are fair; they are considerate; and they don’t want to take undue advantage of people. The Feminists along with government play off the inherently fair nature of men’s character and use the innate disposition of his own sense of fair play against him to his own disadvantage to egregiously compromise him. The Fathers Rights movement must begin to learn to speak in this aggressive tenor, they have to—because we are factually engaged in a war that is greater than ourselves, which concerns the intrinsic rights of every home in this nation; and which, effect every individual.

This war encompasses the fact that Feminism has been directly and irrevocably changing our system of government—from the inside the power of the Krell Welfare Machine. These are the domestic enemies who are more dangerous to we the public and our personal families than anything else this American Society has faced in previous generations. Through the ‘altruism’ that they contend concerns our own homes, our own children—they are building empires. They conspire these exigencies upon our own children, using the whole system in a concerted effort against Fathers. Then with but the slightest of assumptions; they turn off any normal avenues of redress or self-governance that is imbued by birthright to the American male. They ‘invent’ problems, then mandate that we don’t even have the right to fix these pretended problems ourselves. They just allow our children to be taken from us, or to be stolen, and placed into systems of care and maintenance that are but Social Experiments which have become nothing but a national disgrace and disaster.


Can we make a contract with God that is binding to man?

This is the essence of the problem which is reserved to all Fathers and the American experience as a whole. Whether you believe in God or not is not the issue here, it is rather, the underlying question of allegiance that effects the domain of the conditional agreement of law and order. The point of God in reality has no binding consequence...because the fact remains that as a society, representing a civilization; in which the torch of mankind has been handed to us—do we abrogate or allow an repudiation towards those foundational principals and precepts of a higher order to which we as the eminent society have originally compacted with, to betray that contract to serve the more base and visceral system of a new Socialist Feminist order of governance that had not been compacted to earlier?

This exact issue was addressed in the case: Dartmouth College vs. Woodward. This case affirmed that an invested right implied in a contract cannot be divested or interfered with by Government. Chief Justice John Marshall wrote the deciding opinion on the case saying:

"A corporation is an artificial being, invisible, intangible, and existing only in contemplation of law...It possesses only those properties which the charter of its creation confers upon it...By these means, a perpetual succession of individuals are capable of acting for the promotion of the particular object, like one immortal being..."

[John Marshall, The man who made the Supreme Court Supreme, by Bill Severn, ©1969, David McKay Company, New York, Lib. Congress No. 69-13784, p.190.]

Are we not fathers, holding the intangible, invisible rights imbued by Natural Rights and/or the blessings of God which exist only in contemplation of American, Christian, and Common Law?? Is not the ‘corporation’ or Constitutional order of the Several Union States a social compact which is the vehicle to allow the succession of Fatherhood to continue ‘as a perfect and natural right’ "acting for the promotion of the particular object (the State of Fatherhood) like one Immortal Being? (The Immortal Being, being the stability of law granted by the blessings by God or the Compact of Natural Law, Man and Government).

Are we men not allowed to continue the Natural Law, or Common Law, or Mosaic Law, or Judaic Law, or even the Legislative Statutory Law that in the past was conferred and consecrated by our society by law and application, granted by perfect and unalienable rights. When did we abrogate this legal right, to be the Father to rule within our own homes?? If not, then; when and how did these perfect rights change?!??? Quo Warranto: by what authority? Clearly, we are not speaking of mistakes of law here, we are addressing the foundational natural order in which our society, intellectually, collectively, and socially chose as the foundational precepts, of law, order and operation of this particular society.

Dartmouth gained the protection it wanted against state interference, but so did American Business, which soon took far more advantage of the decision. Protected from state interference, the power of corporations was enormously expanded, and there was a scramble for charters as the full import of the decision became understood.

Shortly after the decision was announced, Justice Story wrote a friend, "Unless I am very much mistaken the principles on which the decision rests will be found to apply with an extensive reach to all the greatest concerns of the people..." He was not mistaken. Within a year, the North American Review Noted that "perhaps no judicial proceedings in this country ever involved more important consequences."

[Ibid. P. 191.]

I am already familiar to the pedantic (and erroneous) response to this conundrum. The Elite Regime will erroneously state that it is by the Legislative will mandated through will of the people by voting for their ‘Representative’s’ which can change the formation of government. To this end, this response is both categorically and eternally wrong.

"Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them."

Miranda vs. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 p. 491

"An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed."

Norton vs. Shelby County, 118 US 425 p. 442

"The general rule is that an unconstitutional statute, though having the form and name of law, is in reality no law, but is wholly void, and ineffective for any purpose; since unconstitutionality dates from the time of its enactment, and not merely from the date of the decision so branding it.

No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it."

16 Am. Jur. 2d, Sec. 177, late 2d. Sec. 256

"All laws which are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void."

Marbury vs. Madison, 5 US [2 Cranch] 137, 174, 176

These laws have clearly established the precedent, that not the Legislature, not the President, not the Judiciary, and not "We the People" ourselves can change the foundational bedrock of government.

In this reality, in the face of these overwhelming facts—even in the desolate world of the most contemptuous atheist: the Government of man becomes the God to that atheist, and thereby—civilization and man can contract to that corporeal corporation, for all men are held to that compacted consensual dominion. That is the lowest common denominator that we have through our Constitution contracted to. Those whoever, believe in a higher Supreme Being include that same compact but also go beyond the mere corporeal barrier erected by the delimiting constructs of the atheist mind. It is those people who incorporate the basis of that contract and leave their minds behind to a superset of contract of the real God.

I do not bring these things up to argue the disparate dissonance of Separation of Church and State. I cite these truths declaratory in regards as a Father and for Fathers within the Domain of the American experience. By my own recognition of Fatherhood, I immediately stand above the mist of a conspiring demeaning world and capture the aspiration of my Natural and Perfect Right to be a Father. At the point of that inspiration and cogency—I am protected by the penumbras of Laws, issued from the Creator and confirmed through the Compact of the Constitution, (or in an atheist’s case, only by the Constitution on down) is all inclusive within the main set. Upon that declaration, my law rules above the subferior laws which Government uses to attack me within the domain and protection of my own home; for in the fact of law, Fatherhood was foundationally protected through Constitutional common law doctrine, thereby, being the constitutional foundational rule of law, as a natural, God-given perfect right.

Upon this affirmation, under our system of American governance, the state must recede to the incurring precept "That a man rules his own home." In that domain, he and no one else is superior. The state must bow to God.


The Failure of Feminism is ingrained within Hillary’s Krell Welfare Machine itself. It’s performance against Fathers has been reprehensible. Such performance, in the light of American doctrine and law—cannot exist, yet it does. Such performance, cannot be explained in the light of either justice or logic, or reason. The proof of performance of feminism, and what it has done against Fathers and thereby against the home and family, has encompassed a litany of wrongs which now is profligate to the society itself. To be succinct: the system was designed for failure, its remedy is failure and slavery, and it imposes this injustice by outright lies and brutality against the American male.


The first thing the District Attorney demands from Fathers is all information relating to his wealth. This clearly, shows the primary intent of this whole system, as it is not a system that is concerned with children—it is however; very, very cognizant of money. The District Attorney, alone with the Welfare and court machines which support him, do not ask the Father the higher order questions of his home and family; such as, how much time can you spend to care for your child? Do you have better resources to determine the child’s well-being over anyone else? Or other questions which hold a Fathers superiority to rule within his own home which would relate to the protection of his own children. No. The DA does not want to know about these.

He does want to know about the complete range of the Fathers Wealth. Where he works, his social security number, his bank accounts, his property, his holdings, and other bonds and securities. This fact proves the fallow platform and intent of the DA, which is that his concern is not about children; rather it is about theft and structured maintenance of the children as they relate to the mode of production. The DA is stealing in the supposed name of the people, for the benefit of the children, but in fact, he is profiting by these acts in themselves, through the system which is designed to burden all to pay for such illegal operations of law.

This fact that the DA is insane over the wealth which is accrued within the family is a specious indicator to his sole intent—and that intent is not the well-being of the children—but rather his capture of the family through the bribing of the Female in which he offers Welfare, or instant Krell gratification upon the destruction of the home and family. From the DA (and government) promising the woman support to harvest the wealth of her home, either by the security of Welfare subsidy for the rest of her life, or by the direct destruction and ‘cashing’ in of the Family’s accrued wealth, the District Attorney and his infrastructure are directly benefiting.

He is mining the home, just as if it were a mineral to be extracted. The fact of the DA’s ‘need to know’ and demand that you as a Father, tell him everything in regards to your wealth, is proof of his intent to destroy the Father.

Fathers, therefore, MUST NOT GIVE THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY OR GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL ANY INFORMATION. DO NOT GIVE HIM ANYTHING! NOT YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE; NOT YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER; DO NOT TELL HIM WHERE YOU WORK; OR YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS OR ANYTHING. GIVE THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY ZERO. Do not even admit the children are yours...because using information is how they kill Fatherhood...and therefore; no Father can go along with this system. More importantly: YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED BY THE FIFTH AMENDMENT TO GIVE HIM ANYTHING IN WHICH HE CAN USE AGAINST YOU LATER. Since he can use all information against you—give him NO INFORMATION. NOTHING. Zero.

Remember: information is power. Any information is power. Deny them all information at all costs.

If the District Attorney gets the information by other more sinister means and tries to use any of this information against you in court, Motions in Limine, and other motions to strike, should be used. He doesn’t have the right as a non-party to bring in information against you in court. This is a violation of procedure, and it is a violation of the structure of our courts...only the plaintiff can bring in information against you...not the District Attorney...otherwise, the DA would become the plaintiff. This is why the Bill of Particulars is so important, as it properly demands the nature and character of the parties involved, the forum, venue, and the right of standing to jurisdiction.

The mandate of all Fathers should be to resist the criminal District Attorney at all costs, so that the Father, through his own perfect rights as a Father, can enforce the terms of how his family will be raised. This is of much importance to the Joint Custody faction of the Fathers Rights community, who want fairness in distribution and maintenance of their children. Presently; that faction fully understands the corruption of the DA and this Feminist court system. In empowering themselves through Patriarchy, they will be able to properly contract away how their children will be raised, by the wife or ex-girlfriend. In this context, under enforcement of Patriarchy, they are well-protected and finally so are the children.

The fact that the District Attorney and this whole system is so intent on money is proof enough—yet it goes beyond this. Those fathers who are driven away by the shame of not being able to control their own household’s, or women; or who are abused, or ruled against in court—and the plethora of other reasons why men leave their children (because they are the weakest link of the Family) who keep on paying their child support and never see their children—are PROOF of the corruption of this system.

"IF" this system is ‘in fact’ about the Welfare of the children, then; in fact—money isn’t just the only issue or requirement for the District Attorney. If the fathers support is two-fold (as DA’s and the Krell Welfare Machine pretend) then shouldn’t TIME as well as money also be a requirement? Shouldn’t the interest in the Fathers TIME be as much, if not more concern as MONEY?!????!!!

But it is not. Yet, those fathers who are driven away (many like me, by the system itself which is too intent to civilly kill us at the first instant) and still pay monies into Child Support are viewed as not being criminals even if they never see their children again.. However, those who do not pay or cannot pay, and who do see their children (for the greatest, almost exclusive part, only poor fathers) are criticized, hunted, vilified by not only DA’s: but the media, Governor’s, President’s of the United States, every single State government, and a host of other sub-systems and special interests; all who are making money off of this endeavor hunt this poor father. The poor father who is involved with his children winds up attacked and in prison, and the rich father who never sees his children again is venerated as being a ‘good citizen.’ I think many citizens can make the case, that the real criminal here is only government who has placed his remunerative interests above everything else.

This isn’t about the ‘well being’ and ‘support’ of children. It is about using children to steal from a nation of fathers. It is about imposing Socialism upon America, without a vote. It is about usurpation of the Father and in destroying families, because, there is considerable money in doing these things. If the government and feminists were truly worried about the home and family and ‘especially’ the children; there would have been a factual requirement for DA’s not just to collect child support, but also to make sure fathers were never separated from their children. If this system was about truly defeating Welfare and helping poor people rise from poverty, then; from the very beginning, there would have been a requirement to collect child support AND demand continued contact from both parents, especially the father!

In fact, the greater crime that Fathers commit, may be in fact from those Fathers who have blindly paid into this corrupt system due to their outright fear of this government, and because of this, have not seen their children. From their actions, which were only done out of fear, ignorance, and convenience, they have unwittingly, and mistakenly funded a terrible enemy which now is waging war upon us all. This well-paid domestic enemy, has done more damage to America than most of our wars combined. Instead, this government only sees the father who cannot pay only as a criminal. Yet though poor, this father may still sees his children, and be an invaluable influence to their lives. This can only mean, that the only concern of government in regards to this whole issue is in fact, is only about money and power. Fathers are inconsequential, as long as they pay the money. They can pay for 15 years and follow the national statistics of a 90 percent probability of never seeing their children again—and the District Attorney, the State Legislature, and Bill and Hillary Clinton will be thrilled that the money has dutifully been transferred quietly from the Father to the Mother, who will share it with the state. Those fathers will never be considered criminals.

This paying of money (all the while being responsible for creating an anti-father environment that drives them and the next generation from their homes and children) is, in the eyes of Hillary and her consorts, the ‘only’ real need from Fathers. This and being a temporary sperm donor. This follows exactly the feminist doctrinal mindset. The whole premise and past performance of Hillary and her Krell Welfare Machine by these sad facts, is nothing more than despicable.

Money and power, have been the sole reasons why Fathers have been disenfranchised from their children and Families. This is the real reason for Fatherlessness in America. There is a genius to this engineering, and Hillary knows what it is, and she knows where it best resides and that it is coming to a nation near you: and that is the American superghetto. They have attacked the Family at its weakest known point: the Father. Disenfranchise the Father so you can openly steal from him, and when you destroy him you destroy families which creates endless social pathologies which creates an ever burgeoning government. A government, a society, a children, all to be endlessly controlled and managed, by Hillary and her Krell Welfare Machine...

What is very odd in the analysis of this supposed lack of responsibility, which is somehow only gestated within the American male in respects to his own children and family, is that most men leaving their first families (many whom are patently pushed out), start second families to where they become excellent fathers! What is odd about this is that if this abuse pathology were in fact pervasive in the male as a gender flaw within his species, shouldn’t such abuse and abandonment also transfer over to the second family which he starts and supports? Surprisingly, this is not the case, even though the second family suffers much more abuse by the first family when the male is continuously financially attacked and destroyed. The second wife and child is abused all in order to save the first wife, who most probably made false allegations against the man in the first place! This pressure is indeed, the most prevalent cause of second marriage failures, which are statistically supposed to have a 75% chance of failure. We can see the reasons why.


The persecution of fathers, and the theft of their wealth by this system could not have ever been accomplished without the complicit consent of the American court system. Why this is an issue at all is indeed, a perplexing paradox for the courts—and the American people. The fact remains is that they have disenfranchised the American male by direct violation of the foundational concepts of this nation, of known maxims of law, and the common law, in which was the main causal factor for making a difficult situation progressively worse. They have been complicit in destroying the law within the home. They have destroyed the heritage and legacy of the Family. Then, they feign ignorance when massive social pathologies explode from the ‘Feminist Solutions’ in which they have errantly imposed against Fathers explode across the face of society. Hillary, along with the Judges will make vituperative arguments that these pathologies are caused by Television, or wide-spread use and proliferation of guns, or any other disinformational campaign they can dream up. If they could blame it on the alignment of planets or Area 51, they would. Strangely, this is not out of the realm of possibility from these people.

While Hillary and her coterie of Feminist approved Judges impose this criminal Feminist Jurisprudence (which is directly related to the social pathologies within society), they are also knowingly, directly benefiting from those pathologies: the Judges by teaching ‘seminars’ and other Child and Family Court issues, and Hillary and her Krell Welfare Machine, by the documented Superstructures we have noted here before are accumulating great profit. Yet, they still are willing to manage these Child and Family Court problems, all the while knowingly watching them devolve and exponentially causing yet more and more problems not only within the home, but also throughout society. Then, when you get them on the witness stand, as I did in court, and ask them how much they are making off this system: they will to a person tell you that they are not making a thing. Nothing. Zero. "No benefit whatsoever, John Blalock lied to me when he gave such testimony in court. Clearly—his own job is the benefit. He knows this as everyone in this system. They all know what they are doing and they fully understand where their ‘daily bread’ comes from. They don’t care, because they have the job, and you don’t—and somehow, that makes them superior, legal, even untouchable.


It isn’t just in law which has been overturned without any American really knowing or understanding what was happening, it is in fact, the outright overthrowing of the American way of life, the overthrowing of Common Law, Natural Law, and the Maxim’s of Law and replacing them with Feminist Jurisprudence. Of usurping the Bible, and the tenants and principals of its message, within our Christian society. Of undermining our American heritage and replacing it with Radical Feminism.

Feminist hate the Bible, so—they simply got rid of it. They couldn’t work with American law, so they invented new law under color of law to overshadow it. They were in direct defiance of morality, so; they offered and marketed immorality as a way of life and now, teach this in our schools under the guise of ‘tolerance.’ The Elite Regime within government, has been going along with this feminist sophistry, arrogantly, intentionally. Right in the light of day. This is how most tyrants gain power: by doing their crime in the light of day; then, hoping none of the Plebiscite’s have the courage to challenge them on their crimes. This is why College Campuses have no problem with radical Feminist women’s studies teaching classes about homosexuality, lesbianism, and alternate lifestyles; even fisting; yet, if you dare place a Christian symbol on campus—they instantly have a cabal of well-paid lawyers like Ms. Clinton there to tear such "Vast Right Wing Conspiracies" down.

If their doctrines were truly legal in America, then; they wouldn’t have to change them, nor the foundational basis of America. Feminists, Judges, and the Ruling Elite have all but thrown out every tenant and law to our American past. They have shredded the constitution to where; in fact it now has no meaning or force or protection in law for virtually anyone. There pragmatically is no constitution in this nation any longer.

To: The Honorable Arlen Specter

From: Bob Worn

Dear Senator Specter...I have seen my government turn from a fully functional government of the people, by the people and for the a regime of self-serving politicians and bureaucrats who think law enforcement has to destroy the Constitution....Recently we have seen governmental agencies completely out of incidents such as the murder of the wife and son of Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge...and the completely barbaric, senseless slaughter of innocent adults and children at Waco....I feel I must prepare to defend myself and my loved ones, should this government perpetrate unlawful, unconstitutional acts against any member of my family....[T]here is a great number of American citizens who are firmly convinced that the blood of those killed and injured at the Murrah Federal Building bombing are on the hands of you and the rest of Congress for your complacent inaction to hideous crimes against American citizens perpetrated by harsh and tyrannical agents of their government....[N]othing will change until Congress is awakened from their "politically-correct" slumber.

Bob Worn

Concerned patriot, USA Patriot Magazine

[Rebellion, Racism & Religion, AMERICAN MILITIAS, by Richard Abanes ©1996, InterVarsity Press, P.O. Box 1400 Downers Grove, Illinois, 60515; ISBN– 0-8308-1368-3; p. 41.]

This recognition is wide spread with regards of the American populace ‘fearing’ their own government. It is said that "Where the people fear the government, you have tyranny; where the government fears the people, you have liberty." There are many "Angry White Males" who are Angry White Males, just because they have been persecuted like no other class in history; by the government and courts in tandem., Now, in every aspect; all of us fear now fear their government...for good and compelling reasons, to one extend or the other.

Hillary’s Feminists and special interests multiculturalists have factually overturned the basic precepts and foundations of American government. People can no longer be free and independent...Randy Weaver and his wife Vicki proved that in 1993 at Ruby Ridge. It is clear, that in the new ‘proactive’ NCPGI environment of Police, Courts, along with the Alphabet Soup of Government agencies—that government will hunt and attack even the most benign family, like the Weavers. Beyond that, empowered by the Information Age, it now has become virtually impossible to flee from its World Wide despotism. As the letter indicates above, and as the countless examples or errant intrusion of government into our own homes, government now overturns Laws, Christian precepts, and foundational American values in order to hunt and gain access into any American home. No longer do we live by the common law ideal that "A man’s home is his castle." More than this, as the Weaver incident shows, government is willing to throw away, literally millions to attack these families. Randy Weaver and his wife, were white separatists, basically fundamental Christians, who just wanted to get away from government. They were insignificant in the real scheme of things. For Randy’s crime of "wanting to provide" for his own family, the FBI set him up—and we now know the rest as it has been entered into history.

Feminist have as already documented, like a opportunist scavenger, seized upon this flaw of changing government, and have embedded themselves throughout its structure and other concomitant institutions such as the media. The father no longer rules within his own home, because he isn’t protected any longer, rather; he’s now hunted. Modern fathers, unlike Ms. Clinton’s father who she says may have gone to far sometimes with discipline, are immediately destroyed by ‘well meaning’ people within the system. These fathers, the majority of them poor, are seen only as a wild resource, like a herd of seals, or a preserve of wild ducks and geese, or a range of deer. They are not supposed to enjoy the blessings of freedom of man. Instead, through the magic of feminism devolving them into a condition of slaves and animals, they are to be managed, just like the Department of Fish and Game manages deer herds, sometimes letting them grow wild (offering many Welfare Programs) or ‘managing’ the range by letting hunters ‘thin the herd’ when it becomes overpopulated (Welfare to Work Programs and Quota’s). The Constitutional concept of the individual’s right to solve his own problems is totally alien to Hillary and those within the Krell Welfare Machine, for upon any problem, they have the ‘right’ (remember: government doesn’t have rights, only enumerated authority), to ‘administer’ the ‘problem’ by anyway they see fit. Because they believe they are the ultimate parent.

This ‘right’ however; is conditional upon wealth and power. Hillary and her Elite cadre families don’t suffer the same problems the poor do with these systems. Indeed, we only have to look at Mr. Clinton, to figure out how far the Feminists and the Krell Welfare Machine will back off when those who feed it and support it are directly involved.

Again, if this system had any semblance of being lawful, it wouldn’t need to change the institution of America in which to operate. This system does however, and it not only has changed the American system, it has directly perverted it.


This is the most ostentatious proof that this system is corrupt. The Bolshevik Revolution first started to scream for this in the early part of the twentieth century. Less than a hundred years after this cry, Russia fell.

American Feminists and those who support them in the media and government have screamed for this same concept: "equality".

Well, being a ‘fair’ nation we have implemented their "equality" and guess what? Weren’t we surprised when we found that not all things are equal...especially when it concerns the feminist ideals of equality.

The ‘equality’ Hillary pleads for is in fact outright preference and subsidy. A transfer of wealth from males to females is equal to her. This is the "equality" of the modern day Feminist. When you as a white male (or any male) go for a job against a Feminist, well, you are being judged ‘equally’ they will tell you. This means the Feminist instantly obtains Affirmative Action, because she’s a protected class, and that says she gets the job over you. Welcome to the wonderful world of Hillary’s Krell Welfare Machine. This means that women do not perform up to men’s specification or work load, but; they pretend to—so that makes them qualified equally for everything.

If you are a Union Construction foreman and you need to hire a laborer, you cannot hire Gus, the 245 pound, 28 ounce hammerin’ Alabama Slammin’ nail cruncher—nope—you have to hire Jennette, a 152 pound Feminist card carrying tribe member who has, by the grace of three feminist legal teams, just won the construction job via Affirmative Action hiring practices challenge to your Construction Company. When you, the foreman note after the fact that although a erudite and dedicated worker, Ms. Jennette cannot carry two 4 by 8 sheets of 1" floor plywood up four flights of stairs that a normal male worker does, regardless of Gus who used to bound up the stairs quickly with three sheets of the intensely heavy material, you soon begin to add up the lost labor costs due to the extra time it takes Jennette to precisely move the plywood up, one laborious sheet at a time. Above and beyond thanking and paying for the three feminist legal teams that forced you to hire "Jennette" in the first place you then hire Gus and pay him under the table so the Feminists or Government won’t find out...but it has to be done all off the books, so that you can get the job done in the proper time limits.

When you then complain to the Labor Review Board that in a Free Market, that this equal Affirmative Action system ‘just ain’t working out’ because you are in fact getting ½ to ¾ of a ‘real’ laborer, you are losing money, and you want to hire Gus back anyway’s to make-up the difference, you are forced into the same "equal" hiring constraints of hiring a second woman. Soon, you’ve hired two "Jennettes" and they get along famously passing the book The Feminist Mystique and earnestly discussing its social implications on company time.

I’m being somewhat facetious here, but there is a major truth here also. The truth is in the point that the Feminist system of equality, really isn’t equality. This equality is just as Bastiat noted earlier, is being used only as a tool, as a crow bar in which to factually implement inequality or even injustice, and establish these unlawful systems by force of "law"...what we now recognize as Feminist Jurisprudence.

[In the large scheme of things, America really didn’t need the artificial force of Feminism. We could have gotten along just fine without it. The need’s (of past injustices) would have been figured out in the long run. Feminism, ‘is something else’. Blacks—for example, didn’t get super-rights, they didn’t overthrow American system of government and laws. Feminism did however..]


Talk about how Femism has protected criminals



Talk about how exigent programs to help women keep on going via lying. Etc.


If Feminism needed and really a social movement—why have a deathgrip on campuses and the media? Nepotism. Talk about what some professors go through when they dare speak out. Compare to Trotsky and Stalinist regimes.



American’s and women are turning away from Feminists in droves. Membership laughable.


Judges...Feminism, rates of growth within superstructure—giving drugs away. Abortion: if control—why all illegit births?

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