Title:  If I Were Him

Author:  bizzzichick@yahoo.com  (Satina)
Website:  https://www.angelfire.com/scifi/xtasy

Rating:  NC-17

Category:  MSR, smut biscuit, vignette

Disclaimer:  Sigh...no they aren't mine, at least legally,
anyway.  Chris Carter thought 'em up so he gets to deprive them
of love and life as much as tickles his twisted fancy.  I'm just
using them without permission to rid my brain of some demented

Notes:  Musings of a fellow agent.
Spoilers:  Hahaha...uh no.
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Man I can tell you what I'd do if I were Mulder.

I'd lead that little partner of mine down to the basement, and
lock the door behind us.  I'd grab her and press her tight little
body up against that door and shove my tongue between those blow-
job lips of hers.

I'd have my hands all over those round little tits, and I'd push
those hard little thighs apart with one knee and she'd moan...oh
yeah she'd want it BAD.  Some think she's an ice queen but that
sweet thang's got HEAT.

Her little hands would be all over me, scratching up my back,
pulling my hair.  She'd sink her nails into my ass and yank my
hips HARD against hers.

We'd shake the door with our movement, but no one ever comes down
there so we'd be fine.

I'd grind against her and whisper dirty sweet talk in her
ear...yeah she likes it dirty...and she'd shiver and shake
against me, moaning my name, getting hot and wet.

I'd be so goddamned hard from being around her all day and I'd
slide my hands up under that hot little ass and hitch her up my
body and she'd wrap those legs around me tight, gripping me tight
with those fuck-me pumps.

I'd carry her over to my desk and we'd fall on it together,
scattering those damn files all over the floor.

She'd be grabbing at my crotch, scratching at the zipper to get
it open and I'd be pushing that tight black skirt of hers up
around her waist.  I'd stick my tongue in her ear and she'd buck
under me.

I'd stick my hand up between those creamy white thighs and rip a
hole in her pantyhose and yank the crotch of her soaking wet
panties aside just as she grabbed hold of my rock-hard cock with
those pretty little fingers.  God, yeah.

I'd tease her a little but she'd want it bad and she'd beg me for
it, so finally I'd push into her HARD and she'd cry out my name
as her body jerked across the desk.

She'd feel so good, so tight and hot and wet.  God she'd be
fucking beautiful squirming around under me.  She'd be sucking my
tongue down her throat and biting me and pulling my hips harder
against her.  Wham!  Wham!  Wham!

It wouldn't take long because she's always hot for me and me for
her and we'd be trying to not to make too much noise because we
are at work, after all.  All of a sudden, it would be too much
and we'd both be gasping and moaning as we came and came and
came, grabbing and clutching and sliding around on the surface of
the desk.

We'd fix our clothes and wash up and no one would ever be the
wiser.  And that wouldn't be the last time.

If I were him.


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