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Villains! You Love 'em, you hate 'em. But where would heroes like Alanna and Daine and Kel be without them? They'd be sitting there twiddling their thumbs like "ho hum, I think I'll go give my perfectly clean unworked horse another grooming, lalala ho hum lalala."

I love villains. They rock. As my friend Jae says, Duke Roger is "sex on legs." Well, this page gives more detail about the Tortallan villains - a tribute to them. Enjoy!

Who: The Duke of Conté. An Evil Sorcerer!

What: An attempt to kill Prince Jonathan, King Roald, and Queen Lianne.

Where: Royal Palace mostly. But when he sent the Sweating Sickness he was far away.

When: Song of the Lioness Quartet

Why: He wanted the Tortallan Throne! Really Badly!

How:Acts of Evil Sorcery, cuz remember he's an Evil Sorcerer! First he sent the Sweating Sickness to plague Tortall. Then later, he made voodoo dolls of the Prince, Queen, King, and Alanna herself!

Misssion Accomplished? Erm, sorta. The Queen died years later from Sweating Sickness effects, and the King killed himself cuz she died. It's a domino effect!

He's cool because: This guy is a good old-fashioned power-hungry snake! He stopped at nothing to get what he wanted, and died laughing (in his second death)! Literally! How cool is THAT! YAY!

Note: Thank you VERY much Lady Theresa for helping me on this Ozorne section. =D

Who: Emporer of Carthak

What: An attempt to kill Numair Salmalin and have a war with Tortall.

When: The Immortals Quartet

Where: Carthak

Why: He wanted to prove that he was Ruler Supreme. The Big Cheeze!

How: He sent raiders to capture people and such

Mission Accomplished?: Hardly. He went and got himself turned into a Stormwing!! Then Daine Sarrasi, the Wildmage, killed him.

Why he's cool: He's Royalty Gone Bad. And according to Lady Theresa: "He wore mascara...he was rich.."

Who: A guy who is training to be a knight that is 3 (?) years older than Kel.

What: He wants Kel OUT. "Girls aren't allowed!"

When: Protector of the Small quartet

Where: Royal Palace

Why: He doesn't believe that girls should be invading the mens' place.

How: He didn't leave Kel alone with classic pranks during the time she was a page. He also arranged for Kel's maid to be kidnapped so that she would be forced to miss the 4th year final exam.

Mission Accomplished?: Well, his kidnapping plan DID work. But in the end, Joren got what was coming to him - he was killed during his Ordeal.

Why he's cool: He's a classic Playground Bully, believing everything he says is the right thing. Some fans, myself not included, think he is a 'sexy bad boy.'

What should I add to this villains page? any ideas?

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