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What Do You Think of Lady Knight?

Now that Lady Knight is out in the US and Canada, I want to know your opinion on it!!!! Squire was very controversial, is this the same? Oh. And if your opinion contains spoliers, put a warning!! Example: THIS OPINION CONTAINS SPOILERS!!! Get it? Good. Have a pleasant day.


Oh my gosh!!!!! YES! I HATED CLEON!! (I knew it wouldn't last. It just was all too quick.) Anyways, I thought the book was kinda boaring compared to the others.. what happened to all the romance?!? And WHY didn't Tamora tell us outright who Kel's going to marry?!?

I'm glad it's Dom though, he's cool... and he is really witty like his cousin. *sniff* it had a terrible ending though.. oh well, i suppose it will have to do. I just finished it a few minutes ago, so I have to blab.. sry! Anyway, I want more passion in the books.. and want to know details from the future.. and I wish she'd put more Lioness in it! Alanna ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geni Cooper, future Rogue


Here's what I thought of Lady Knight. My name's Maggie by the way, a.k.a. Pine Marten. Anywho, I thought Lady Knight was pretty good. Different, but good. Although I was a little disappointed that Kel and Cloen couldn't get together, but Kel and Dom getting together is cool too. The book really divated from the norm, which is something that made it good. One thing I didn't like so much was, actually I have this complaint about the Immortals too, the fact that George has all but disappeared. I think Tamora Pierce should bring George back!

Maggie aka Pine Marten

Watch 4 Spiolers. Loved Lady Knight, though there was definately a lack of romance. I've read several million K/D fics to try to make up for the loss. I'm glad Kel & Cleon r finally over, 'cuase they just didn't seem right. I wish there was some garentee she and Dom would actually get together. Uh, that's 'bout it 'cept that I also think that George & Alanna could appear a little more often.


yeah, yeah, yeah, i'm not gonna type all that formal, its sorta annoying. I thought the Lady Knight was sorta boring compared to the other books...i mean The Immortals was filled with fighting....The Song of The Lioness was love/fighting and the Protector of the Small was ok. I mean in the END Tamora Pierce FINALLY said why the series was called "Protector of the Small" ( not to mean her any disrespect). Sent by ?

it was kind of boring wheres the romance though? but its TP and I am a loyal fan so i liked it but it was really different from her other books. Sent by ?

Spoilers, yadayada. Oh my gawd! this was such a good book.i found it to be way more realistic than any of the others (though TROTG remains my ultimate so glad she broke up with cleon, and i think he should die. idespise him (ducks as killing stares lance through the air towards her)at any rate. i liked how she just sorta hinted that kel was going to end up with dom (love him)but didn't just marry her off like she did with alanna and daine.Plus it had some good daine+numair bits and they are my all time faves. so anywhoo....but she better put out another tortall quartet is all ican say.

-lady birdie