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Heroines are very important. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and species'. This page focuses on the main heroines of Tortall, and how they are important to Tortallan history.

Who: Alanna the Lioness - or, Alanna of Trebond and Olau, Baroness of Pirate's Swoop.

What: She's a legend. She's done so many heroic things - mainly, the Questing for the Dominion Jewel, and being the one who rid Tortall of the Evil Sorcerer Roger -twice.

When: Song of the Lioness quartet

Where: Alanna has traveled all over the world. Each place she went she made herself useful. She showed that girls could be knights in the Royal Palace, she showed that girls could be shamens in the Bazhir tribes, and got the Dominion Jewel all by herself from the roof of the world.

The Making of a Heroine: She and her brother Thom switched places. Thom was to go to learn how to be a knight, Alanna was to learn how to be a Lady. They switched - Alanna went to be a knight, and Thom went to the city of the Gods to learn sorcery.

Who: Daine Sarrasri, the Wildmage

What: The first to show a new kind of magic - the ability to talk to animals. This saves Tortall out of quite a few messes.

When: The Immortals Quartet

Where: Tortallan Palace, Carthak, in the woods with the Long Lake wolf pack.

The Making of a Heroine: Daine was by herself and quite alone with only her pony. She was taken in by Onua, Horsemistress of Tortall, who brought Daine to Tortall. Along the way they met Numair, the mage who worked with Daine and her extraordinary powers.

Who: Keladry of Mindlean.

What: The first girl in ten years to be brave enough to train as a knight, without having to conceal her gender. She has proved many times that it is completely possible.

When: Protector of the Small quartet

Where: She trained at the Palace under Lord Wyldon. From there, she went as Lord Raoul's squire, and they traveled all over Tortall to stop enemies. Among other things.

The Making of a Heroine: Kel decided that she wanted to be a knight, and she did it! No complications here...although Kel's story is not finished as of today, I'm sure that she will be just as much of a heroine as Alanna and Daine.

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