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Fanfic Library

Tamed Lioness NEW! by Lady Hyper. A short tale of Alanna and George's wedding that got interuppted.

In Which Daine meets up with Cimorene, and a Few Other Problems Arrise by me, Lady Reena. The people from the Enchanted Forest books find themselves in Tortall, with a bad wizard on their trail!! What will happen?

One Fine Day by Daine! A really cool poem! ! ! About The Immortals.

A Little Bit of fluff by me, Lady Reena. Basically a silly romance which pairs up Cleon and Kel.

The Sea of Sand by Claire One page. Alanna disappears into an unknown place..

The Day by Rachel One page. This is a sweet story about Alanna and George's wedding.

Fate in the Waves by ShadowKnight66 Read this!! its new and good!!

Chaos Follows Love by Jaguar Mage (Lady Serna.) Neal doesn't like Kel!! Read it!

Kandy by Skyelark! A modern girl is running away, all of a sudden she runs into Daine and Numair.. this is a great story so far.

Playing With Fire by Shy! A girl somehow ends up in Tortall through a whorl.