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August 30th-Universal Amphitheater-8:15pm
A young fan's first concert.

Well, there's the proof. The actual ticket stub of when I went to see Ringo Starr And His All New Starr Band August 30, 2001 at the Universal Amphitheater.

First off, it took a little while just to find the theater. I had gotten two tickets for my birthday from my dad and my sister was the other ticket holder naturally. I remember I cried once I saw the paper stating that as soon as tickets went on sale I'd have two.

Once we got in the lobby the first thing we saw was the merchandise, so we bought a few things. We both got a T-shirt with a rad picture of Ringo on it, a poster, and a button. I also got a keychain. When we got inside the theater it took longer than expected to find our seats. Probably because I thought we were in E, when we were really in V which, in my book, was pretty close to B.F.E.

When we sat down, finally, the guy sitting next to me started talking to us. Of course, we told him about The Fab Four, pictures of them are coming soon, and talked about lots of things until the show started.

As the show was about to start Micheal Quarterman of Breakfast With The Beatles came onstage and announced Ringo Starr and the band. A few minutes later all the band members minus Ringo came runnng out from the wings. Not too long after Ringo came running up to the mic. Here is the set list:

1. Ringo-Photograph
2. Ringo-Act Naturally
3. Greg Lake-(Forgive me, I don't know the name of the song he sang.)
4. Roger Hodgson(sp?)-Tell Me Who I Am
5. Howard Jones-No One Is To Blame
6. Ian Hunter-Cleveland Rocks-Featured Drew Carey!
7. Sheila E.-(Forgive me again, didn't know this song.)
8. Ringo-Boys
9. Roger Hodgson-Give A Little Bit
10. Ringo-You're Sixteen, You're Beautiful And You're Mine
11. Ringo-Yellow Submarine
12. Greg Lake-See The Show
13. Ringo-I'm The Greatest
14. Ringo-The No-No Song
15. Ringo-Back Off Bugaloo
16. Howard Jones-Things Can Only Get Better
17. Ian Hunter-I'm Going To Be Somebody Someday
18. Sheila E.-(Don't the name of this one either, but it had a lot of "Lalaing" in it.)
19. Ringo-I Wanna Be Your Man
20. Greg Lake-Lucky Man
21. Howard Jones-Everlasting Love
22. Roger Hodgson-Take The Long Way Home
23. Ian Hunter-Now Your An Eleven(What? I can't read my own writing.)
24. Ringo-It Don't Come Easy
"Of course this is the part where we go off and hide in the corner and you make a lot of noise. Then we cme running back out. I come running back like I have a wooden leg. . ." ~Ringo
25. Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go(I think Ringo sang this.)
26. Ringo-With A Little Help From My Friends-Featured Drew Carey again!

Wow, that was longer than I thought. I know I probably got the names of some songs wrong. If you know the correct name, PLEASE don't hesitate to post them on the message board for me. You will get credit for telling me the right thing.

Anyhoo, some songs were a shock to me. I wasn't expecting some of them, like You're Sixteen. . .,but when they started to play it, I went crazy. Being sixteen myself I guess it comes naturally. I was really glad they did The No-No Song. I wanted to hear him do it live just for the experience. Kinda weird, but hey, he's Ringo. Can't help it. By the time the show was over, I was almost crying. I was soo glad to finally see Ringo live and get all the groovy stuff I got. I'd like to personally thank my dad for the tickets and my sister for going with me and taking me. Luv you guys!! I'd like to thank Ringo, too, for still doing the tours. I hope I could go next year and possibly see some of you, yes, you guys reading this, at the show.

Peace, love, and Ringo Forever!!!!

Webmaster Ringa

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