Thursday, November 15, 2001

Last night's episode of SoGayTV on PrideVision TV was all about sissies. Hosts Mathieu and Sandy talked to effeminate gay guys about what it means to be a sissy, and about society's perception of the 'feminine' gay man. They spoke with Tim Bergling, the author of Sissyphobia, one of the only publsihed books on the 'fear' of effeminate gay men.

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There was also a fashion show, with tips on how to avoid dressing too much like a sissy. Mathieu thanked his good friend, Patrick Antosh, the costume designer from Queer As Folk for finding some "cheesy clothes" for them at the last minute (including a short, pink muscle shirt adorned with rainbow sequins, and a red fishnet top with yellow feather boa). SoGayTV also caught up with Peter Paige and Randy Harrison at Xtra's Gay Life and Style Show this past weekend in Toronto, and asked them for their thoughts on sissies as well.

Mathieu: You play a 'sissy' character on Queer As Folk, and I want you to tell me why sissies are so great.
Peter: [laughing] Well, sissies in general are great because they're fun, they're funny, and they're good to have around and they're fun to laugh at. What I like about Emmett so much is that he's a sissy who likes the fact that he's a sissy, who doesn't have a problem with the fact that he's a sissy. I often think that sissy characters on film and television don't like who they are; they're covering up some nasty pain and I don't think that's Emmett's story. I think Emmett's a big ol' flaming queen and he likes himself that way, and so that's what I love about him so much.

Mathieu: Do you think most of the sissies have a problem with the way they represent [sic]?
Peter: Not the way they represent; I think the characters, as written, are covering up some sort of pain -- [makes a grand gesture with his hands] and it's all a big act to cover who they really are underneath and I don't think that's Emmett's story; I think Emmett's just this effeminate kind of guy who happened to figure out that he's okay that way.

Mathieu: Are you attracted to effeminate gay guys?
Randy: Sure. I am an effeminate gay guy.
Mathieu: [surprised] You are?
Randy: Oh yeah, I can be a big sissy.
Mathieu: Really?
Randy: Yeah.
Mathieu: Why do you think you're a sissy?
Randy: I just queen out sometimes when I get really excited about something. I don't know exactly how to define... I don't know how you differentiate between a non-effeminate gay guy and -- I don't know. It's hard for me to understand, really.

Mathieu: So it's hard for you to understand it, but you are attracted to guys who are feminine?
Randy: I'm attracted to guys who I'm attracted to. It really doesn't matter.
Mathieu: Not if they're girly or not?
Randy: Not really. I would be irritated if I felt like someone was playing into it just for a sense of identity that they didn't have otherwise. But other than that, it doesn't really bother me at all.

Mathieu told the viewers, "It's funny, because when I doing this interview, I felt really close to Randy Harrison, but now, looking at [the tape], I was not that close to little Justin." LOL!

You can view this episode of SoGayTV online at (click on "Missed an episode?" and then select SoGayTV).

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