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Hal Sparks was interviewed on Kiss 108 (WXKS) in Boston by Matt Siegel, better known as "Matty in the Morning," who came in second for the Marconi Award as the Best DJ in the Nation. The chat was lively and fun, with both interviewer and interviewee turning the tables on each other a few times! Hal and Matt's personalities seemed to mesh well.

Matt Siegel   Hal Sparks
Matt Siegel interviews Hal Sparks

Matt started off by saying that it was the station's policy not to 'out' anyone, but he wanted to know if the rumours about Hal being straight were true! Playing along, Hal sighed, and said that yes, it was true, he was striaght, but fortunately his mother has learned to accept his girlfriend, and even lets them hold hands in public. (ha ha)

Matt mentioned the Seinfeld episode where George makes an uncomfortable confession after an appointment with a male massage therapist: "I think it moved." Matt wanted to know if, in Hal's experience on the show so far, anything had moved. Hal declared emphatically, "No!" and added that he hasn't been massaged on the show. "I treat it like a business," he said.

Matt asked Hal what the most challenging thing has been so far (in terms of playing a gay man) and Hal said "acting like I was being penetrated from the rear." Matt cleared his throat and said, "Okay kids, we'll let daddy talk about this in private." He asked Hal what was going through his mind at the audition, in preparing for the role. Hal said he knew what was involved... there was a lot of laughing going on here, and it was hard to tell what Hal was joking about and what was actual fact. The two men were running with the jokes, and he even threw in, "Are you comfortable dropping your pants on camera?"

Hal is originally from Chicago, but is living in Toronto right now since the show is shot in Canada. Matt asked Hal if people come up to him on the street, for example if he's walking with his girlfriend, and say, "Who's he kidding?" and Hal said no, that in a poll that was conducted, he was the one person out of all the cast members that people think is most likely to be straight. He added that most of the fans of the show are straight women, something that surprised Matt. Hal said it's true, if you go online you see them posting on the Internet boards.

Presumably having done the obligatory background search on Hal, Matt mentioned that the young comedian had been voted "funniest person" in his high school; Hal joked that it was based more on his looks than his personality. In other words, he was funny looking.

After the interview wrapped up and Hal's segment was over, the crew did a quick post-mortem and chatted briefly about the segment. They all agreed that they liked Hal very much.

Matt Siegel Billboard
Matt Siegel on Kiss 108 fm in Boston

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