error-file:tidyout.log "Gale is totally cool and secure enough not to be threatened by anything. He knows who he is. That makes him more than an actor; it makes him a very fine human being." - Ron Cowen

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Gale Harold didn’t grow up dreaming of being on stage in front of an audience. He played soccer, tinkered with motorcycles, and made music on his guitar. After dabbling in the visual arts, Gale began to study acting just prior to the new millennium. He made the leap to the stage for the first time in Me and My Friend at the Los Angeles Theatre Center, and began to seriously study the craft. "When I saw Marian Seldes [in The Play About the Baby]," he says, "she made me realize what it means to be on stage. That feeling of communication is what pulled me from working with two-dimensional visual arts into the world of the theater." [source: Gale Force]

That world for Gale soon included performances in Cymbeline and The Misanthrope while he completed the Actor's Conservatory Program at A Noise Within theater company in Los Angeles. His other theater credits from that period include Miss Julie, Sweet Bird of Youth, Long Day's Journey Into Night, and The Importance of Being Ernest (see a more detailed list of Gale's acting credits below).

In 1997, Gale trained with Joan Scheckel, who started her public life as an actor and performer in New York’s avant-garde scene. In the mid-nineties she started running workshops for actors and directors and found herself much in demand in Hollywood and Los Angeles. The workshops in which Gale participated are reportedly quite intense, and stir up a lot of real emotion for everyone involved. Describing Joan Scheckel, actor Billy Cruddup says, "She thinks like an artist, but she's rigorous - coaxing people to go beyond what they already know. She's also playful (which is important) and her perceptions verge on the psychic."

Long before Gale joined the cast of Queer As Folk and embraced Showtime's "No Limits" philosophy, he was pushing the boundaries with projects to which he attached himself. In 1998, he performed as La Turista (the tourist) in "The Indian Queen", a 17th century British baroque opera. The text was filled with outrageous racist stereotypes and Eurocentric constructions of otherness. About the opening night performance, an LA Times reviewer wrote, "There is something in The Indian Queen to offend just about everyone. There is also something in it that should delight and astonish just about everyone as well. It's a mess. But it's a dazzling mess. It utterly, totally, unapologetically undoes just about everything its authors, composer Henry Purcell and poet John Dryden, set out to do in 1695. But it saves a work that probably could survive in no other reasonable way. It brings something new to opera at a time when you might think just about everything imaginable has already been done." [source: The first, the last, the only "Lowrider Spanglish Opera"]

Gale made his feature film debut as the nerdy but endearing "Booker" in Paul Scheuring's 36K, and appeared briefly in Lori Silverbush’s Mental Hygiene. In 2001, he filmed Wake, directed by Roy Finch. In 2002, Gale worked on an independent film titled "Rhinoceros Eyes" directed by newcomer Aaron Woodley, in which he played a detective. He also starred in another indie film called "Particles of Truth" with Jennifer Elster. In the Spring of 2004 Gale worked with Ms. Elster and her husband, Lewis Helfer, on another film called "Life on the Ledge (2004)," a dark comedy filmed in NYC, in which he plays a gangster.

Also in 2004, Gale worked on a three-part movie for Showtime called "Fathers and Sons" which was screened at the Sarasota Film Festival in January 2005. He starred in the movie "The Unseen," alongside Michelle Clunie ("Melanie Marcus" on QAF) which was filmed just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Gale also starred in a film called "East Broadway" (formerly titled Social Grace, and re-titled yet again in early 2007 to Falling for Grace), directed by Fay Ann Lee who also has the female lead), filmed in NYC during the summer of 2004. Gale appeared in the CBS made-for-TV movie about Martha Stewart titled "Martha: Behind Bars", which aired in September 2005. In addition to a few guest appearances on "The Unit" (CBS) and "Deadwood" (HBO), Gale landed the lead role in "Vanished" on the FOX network. He appeared in the first seven episodes of the series.

Gale is the associate producer of the music documentary "Scott Walker: 30 Century Man," which premiered at the London Film Festival October 31, 2006.

During his hiatus from Queer As Folk in 2001, Harold played Josh in the off-Broadway play Uncle Bob, opposite George Morfogen. He enjoyed the role because the character of Josh was very different from the character of Brian Kinney. Gale returned to the New York stage in 2006 with a 3-month run off-Broadway in Tennessee Williams' Suddenly Last Summer at the Roundabout Theatre.

Like his alter-ego Brian, Gale has a great sense of style. One of his favorite designers is Patrick Antosh, the costume designer for QAF. "I like to shop with the wardrobe designer for the show because he knows all the right spots. It's fun to kill a few hours going through piles of arcane stuff that fires me up but that I would probably never wear," says Gale. [source: Style & Substance: Gale Harold]. Patrick told QAF Addiction, however, that when he and Gale go shopping, "we spend more time talking and eating Sushi."

Gale had some strong feelings about his role on Queer As Folk, and it's obvious that his studies have influenced his attitude. "My point of view on taking this job is that I'm interested in real work... and it's just something that happens," he says. "It's not like we're making it up or doing it to try and say, 'Look at this! Freak out! Feel uncomfortable!' It's a real experience, it's something that goes on. And if people are not aware of it, then it's for a variety of reasons that I can't really be worried about." [source: Introducing Queer's Gale Force]

"Gale Harold: The Artistry of his Craft" is a piece I wrote in tribute to Gale and his approach to acting.

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Film Role Director
Passenger Side (2008) Karl Matt Bissonnette
Falling for Grace (2005) former titles: Social Grace, East Broadway Andrew Fay Ann Lee
The Unseen (2005) Harold Lisa France
Life on the Ledge (2004) Chaz Lewis Helfer
Fathers and Sons (2004) [1121 Caleb's Path Road] Elliot Parker Jared Rappaport (also: Rodrigo García, Rob Spera)
Rhinoceros Eyes (2003) Phil Barbara Aaron Woodley
Particles Of Truth (2002) Morrison Wiley Jennifer Elster
Wake (2001) Kyle Riven Henry Leroy (Roy) Finch
36K (2000) Booker O'Brien Paul T. Scheuring
Mental Hygiene (2000) David Ryan Lori Silverbush

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Television Role Network

"Desperate Housewives"
 (11 episodes, 2008-2009)

Jackson Braddock ABC
"Grey's Anatomy" (2007)
 ep.4-10 "Crash Into Me: Part 2" (2006/07/30)
 ep.4-9 "Crash Into Me: Part 1" (2006/08/06)
Shane ABC
Vanished (2006) Graham Kelton FOX
"Deadwood" (2006)
 ep.3-8 "Leviathan Smiles" (2006/07/30)
 ep.3-9 "Amateur Night" (2006/08/06)
Wyatt Earp HBO
The Unit (2006)
 ep.1-7 "Dedication" (2006/04/18)
 ep.1-10 "Unannounced" (2006/05/09)
Rory CBS
Martha: Behind Bars (2005) Peter Bacanovic CBS
Queer As Folk (2000-2005) Brian Kinney Showtime
Street Time
 ep.2-8 "Gone" (2003/09/24)
 ep.2-9 "Get Up Stand Up" (Smack) (2003/10/01)
Geoff Beddoes Showtime
Law & Order: SVU
 "Perfect" (2003/05/09)
Dr. Garrett Lang NBC

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Play/Company Role Playwright/Director

Suddenly Last Summer(2006) Dr. Cukrowicz Mark Brokaw
Uncle Bob (2001) Josh Austin Pendleton/Courtney Moorehead
Long Days Journey Into Night Edmund Eugene O'Neill
The Importance of Being Earnest Algernon Oscar Wilde
Sweet Bird of Youth Chance Wayne Tennessee Williams
Miss Julie Jean August Strindberg
The Misanthrope
 A Noise Within (1999)
Performer Molière/Sabin Epstein
 A Noise Within (2000)
Ensemble William Shakespeare/Art Menke
La (The) Indian Queen
 Long Beach Opera House (1998)
La Turista David Schweitzer
Me And My Friend Bunny Gillian Plowman

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