In a clever display of life imitating art, Showtime launched an online comic book featuring Brian's alter-ego, as created by Michael Novotny and Justin Taylor.

Rage is exploding out of the closet and into the world to fight intolerance and defend the fabulous citizens of Gayopolis. In the first issue, Rage rescues a young man, JT, after he is bashed, and uses his 'powers' to restore the lad's vitality.

Rage and JT share a kiss back at the superhero's lair

Read the premiere issue of Red Cape Comics' RAGE.

Below are some of the amazing sketches from Rage.

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Gale and Randy
Gale and Randy pose for the cover of "Rage"
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In episode 215, Michael told Justin that after Captain Astro was killed off, many people came into his store looking for a 'substitute' of sorts, asking for comics featuring gay superheroes. The introduction to Issue #1 of "Rage" states:

"Rumor has it that the magnificent Captain Astro series of comics was brought to an untimely end by the pressure of negative attitudes towards the Captain's ambiguous sexuality. Ambiguous my ass. Captain Astro was the proudest, gayest, most fabulous superhero to ever grace the comic book shelves with his presence. Had he not been censored and constrained by his cowardly distributors, I'm certain the Captain would have proudly declared his gay identity to the world. Sadly, he'll never have that chance. Someone must take his place as the world's preeminent gay superhero."

Some viewers may have wondered, 'Are there any gay superheroes in real life comics?' Of course there are! And no, we're not just talking about Ace and Gary, the 'Ambiguously Gay Duo' from Saturday Night Live.

There are quite a number of gay superheroes in comic books, actually, but only a few are published by major companies like DC Comics or Marvel Comics; the other 'big publishers' are more likely to feature these characters as members of the supporting cast; for example, as a friend of the hero. Sometimes their orientation is only hinted at. Things are starting to change, however, as more gay heroes have emerged over the past few years.

Beek's Books is an online collection of reviews of various types of comics (comic books, comix, and graphic novels). The site, created by Todd VerBeek, has a particularly thorough and interesting page dedicated to Lesbian, Gay, and Bi (LGB) comics, as well as an information page on LGB Super-Heroes, many from Marvel Comics and DC Comics. There are also several references to other, non-superhero comic books with gay or gender-bending characters, as well as Transvestite and Transsexual superheroes and even BDSM comics.

Want to see some hot, erotic, gay superheroes? Check out this site:
Gay Superheroes

In her article at, Joyce Millman talks about the "Ambiguously Gay Duo" sketch on Saturday Night Live:

"Robert Smigel and animator J.J. Sedelmaier's brilliant, hilarious send-up of the coded gayness of Batman and Robin is so triumphantly in-your-face queer, it's a wonder it ever made it to network TV. (Before joining "SNL," the cartoon appeared on ABC in prime time as part of Dana Carvey's censor-taunting -- and swiftly yanked -- 1996 variety show.) The Duo, Ace and Gary, wear skin-tight pec- and thigh-defining leotards with bulging yellow codpieces. They drive a car that looks like a gigantic penis. They end up entwined in suggestive homoerotic positions whenever they struggle to escape from the bondage gizmos of their evil nemeses. While the criminal masterminds gossip among themselves about whether Ace and Gary are, you know, Ace and Gary seem oblivious to their own sexual orientation. Or are they just being coy? The Duo gives "SNL" a shot of the true gay humor it has always lacked -- despite the show's many tittering sketches over the years in which men have kissed men on the lips for hetero laughs."

Ace & Gary     Ace & Gary

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