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Star! on the Red Carpet at "Festival Schmooze"

StarTV's Liz West met up with Gale Harold and Eva Kolodner (VP Development & Production at Madstone Films) on the red carpet at the 2002 "Festival Schmooze" at the Toronto International Film Festival. An unidentified woman was with them. Following the transcript of the interview, there are links to a few audio files.

StarTV: Hi there, guys. I'm here with... Gale... (she pauses, stumbling over his name) sorry, Harold. I didn't want to call you Harold first. It's Gale Harold - who's very handsome I might add, tonight, and Eva Kolodner... (Gale reaches for the card in her hand, to see what's written) It doesn't say it there! See, it doesn't say.

StarTV: Now Eva, you're the producer of a film that you've (looking at Gale) been working on which is wrapped now?

Gale: Rhino Eyes... (he looks over at Eva)... is that right? (laughs)

StarTV: (to Eva) You tell us, you're the producer.

Eva: Yes, Rhinoceros Eyes.

StarTV: So what brings you to our party tonight? Are you just in the mood to party?

Gale: This is why we came - to do this interview. Seriously.

StarTV: You came just to talk to me?

Gale: Well, we didn't know it was going to be you, specifically, but to talk to someone.

StarTV: So, what do you want to talk about, Gale? (flirting)

Gale: I don't know. I thought you knew! (laughing)

StarTV: Well actually, what we're talking about is how incredible it is that we're celebrating all this Canadian film here tonight, and what a great opportunity it is to see films and see some great actors. Does it sort of excite you to be amidst the festival when it's going on?

Eva: It is really exciting, and you know our film, Rhinoceros Eyes, is directed by Aaron Woodley who is a Toronto native and so we're really thrilled to be here. Yes, so talented and a tremendous local crew. All local creative talent -- EP, production designers, so we're thrilled to be in Toronto.

StarTV: (to Gale) Are you thrilled to be in Toronto?

Gale: Yes. Are you thrilled?

StarTV: Well, I'm from here. But you've been filming a lot here because Queer As Folk, which you star in, is also filmed here, correct?

Gale: (nodding) Right. Yes it is. (The camera pans out for a wide shot)

StarTV: Are you a film buff? Are you going to be checking out some films while you're here?

Gale: I'm only able to see one film. We saw White Oleander this evening.

StarTV: Okay, you're the first people...c'mon, what did you think?

(The other woman whispers something to Gale)

Gale: Oh! Have you seen Countdown? Amazing short film, you should see it. Yes. (looking directly into the camera) Everyone should see Countdown.

[Editor's note: Perspective Canada is part of the Toronto International Film Festival. This year's programme boasts 20 feature films, 17 of which are world premieres, and 29 short films. "Countdown" (2001) is a Perspective Canada Short produced by Aircraft Productions, directed by Nathan Morlando of Ontario, and featuring Johnny Goltz, Carlo Rota, Megan Fahlenbock and Kelly Fanson. It's described as "A genre-crossing film that follows a bike courier whose dream of becoming an action-film star is within his grasp when he makes a delivery to his favourite film producer."]

(Other woman whispers to Gale that she thinks it's sold out)

Gale: It's sold out. Sorry, you can't see it. Unless you have tickets.

StarTV: For future reference, Countdown. Short film, right? Have a great time while you're here and we'll see you inside the party. Thanks for stopping by.

Eva: Great, thank you.

Gale: Thank you.

The following are zipped audio (.wav) files available for download. All three are taken from the interview above.

tiff1.wav - StarTV asks Gale why he's at the Festival
tiff2.wav - Gale tells StarTV about being in Toronto, and seeing "White Oleander"
tiff3.wav - A recommendation from Gale to see "Countdown"

For faster downloading:
tiffmp3.zip - mp3 format - all 3 files in one

The TIFF poster (featured at the top of this page) was developed and created by ECHO ADVERTISING + MARKETING INC., agency of record for the Toronto International Film Festival since 1996. Art Director, Paul Grundy. Photographer, Mark Zibert.

"As one of the greatest art forms of the 20th century, film is a celebration of the moving image. Each frame reflects a vision and alchemy of movement, magic and humanity. The keyart for the 2002 edition of the Toronto International Film Festival personifies the very personal and human imprimatur that originates within every film that brilliantly reaches across the globe to enrapture a new audience every time it's exposed."

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