Social Networking

Top Seven Ways to Get the Most Out of Social Networking Sites:

  1. Target a specific audience. Create a page that reaches an audience that is important to your organization. It is usually better to reach a small niche market than try to go large.

  2. Be a thought leader. Provide valuable and interesting information that people want to check out. It is better to show your expertise in a market or at solving a buyer's problems than to blather on about your product.

  3. Create lots of links. Link to your own sites and blog, and those of others in your industry and network. Everybody loves links; it makes the Web what it is. You should certainly link to your own stuff from a social networking site (like your blog), but also link to other people's sites and content in your own market.

  4. Encourage people to contact you. Make it easy for people to reach you online, and be sure to follow up personally on your fan mail.

  5. Participate. Create groups and participate in online discussions. Become an online leader and organizer.

  6. Make it easy to find you. Tag your page and add your page into the subject directories.

  7. Experiment. These sites are great because you can try new things. If it isn't working, tweak it. Or abandon the effort and try something new. There is no such thing as an expert in social networking; we are all learning as we go!

Source: Author, David Meerman Scott, 'The New Rules of Marketing and PR'