CIM 225 - PHP, SUMMER, 2009
Paula Noone

Assignment 1 - Setting up PHP editor and CIM Home Page via FTP
Assignment 2 - Print out Hello World and PHP Version
Assignment 3 - a) Write an input script for user to enter name (b) Respond to the submit command with user entry
Assignment 4 - a) Write a script showing all the modules installed on CIM.
(b) Pick one module and run a search on PHP describing what that module provides.
Assignment 5 - Create an array of all available PHP functions and output to the screen.
Assignment 6 - Create Index file and upload to CIM student home page - optional index.php and meta tag
Assignment 7 - Write program that allows user to enter number - and output whether even or odd, square, extra credit palindrome (21, 12 etc) and prime.
Assignment 8 - a) Write a program that allows the user to select background and foreground color with drop down box, and b) input field for their name. c) Once submitted, state welcome to site with user's name and color choices.
Assignment 9 - a) Write a program that loops thru celsisus values from -200 to 200 by increments of 10. b) For each celsisus value, compute temp in Kelvin and Fahranheit (arrange in columns).
Assignment 10 - a) Write functions that can convert celsisus to Kelvin and Fahrenheit, and vice versa. b) Place all four functions in a separate file and include in form file. c) On submit, print out the temp in all three formats.
Assignment 11 - a) Write program that prints out server date and client date. b) Print out diff in time between server and client. c) Print out number of days to Easter.
Assignment 12 - a) Modify Assignment 8 so that after submit you record the user's three choices as cookies. b)Modify so HTML forms are not displayed when submitted, or thank you page. c) Program should read the cookies and state user's choices. d) If cookies are not set, then program asks for three variables again.
Assignment 13 - Create dual counter system which counts the number of times assignment 9 and 10 have been loaded. First counter is not a cookie and second one is a cookie.
Assignment 14 - a) Interface an HTML and PHP scripts with Fruit database.
Assignment 15 - Add an E-commerce site including shopping cart and Paypal to Assignment 14.
Assignment 16 - Add a guestbook and survey to Assignment 14/15.