Yosemite Park Limits Access

In a move to reduce the strain on the park from overcrowding and traffic congestion, the National Park Service announced this week that access to Yosemite National Park will be cut by 10%. Park superintendent Gabe Foster told reporters that the move was long overdue. "The effect of overcrowding has had a devastating effect on the wildlife and the park's natural features." he explained, "At this point, we feel the only way to preserve its natural beauty is to limit such exposure."

Local businesses did not react well to the announcement. "This is going to have a devastating impact on the restaurant." said Susan Sanchez, owner of the El Cap Inn, "We're looking at least a 10% decline in revenues, if not more. I don't know how we're going to make it."

Environmental groups hailed the decision, saying that it was a tough call but necessary to preserve the park for future generations.