Mission Statement

The Education Department is a professional school for students pursuing educational careers in areas such as teaching and administration. The school also includes programs for professional careers in school and agency counseling, rehabilitation psychology, and occupational and physical therapy. A strong visual and performing arts component is available for students pursuing degrees in the performing arts or kinesiology.

The Education Department is comprised of nine departments--Art, Continuing and Vocational Education, Counseling Psychology, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Administration, Educational Policy Studies, Educational Psychology, Kinesiology, and Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education--and one independent program--Dance.

Several buildings house most program activities, faculty, and staff of the school. These include Education (123 Edwards Hall), Teacher Education (2500 Beorn Avenue), Educational Sciences (250 Edwards Hall), and Gym Unit 2-Davis Hall (2105 Kendall Drive). The Department of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education is housed at 212 North Washington Street, the Department of Art is in the Tompkins Auditorium (2211 Beorn Avenue), the Dance Program is in Murray-Tompkins Theatre (2221 Beorn Avenue), and the Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy programs are in the University Hospital (870 North Washington Street).