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A Tribute to Bogie

Characteristics of the Yorkshire Terrier (source)
Vigorous and independent
The Yorkshire Terrier became a fashionable pet during the Victorian Era
Compact and Trim
The Yorkie's compact and trim physique gives him an air of confidence, even self importance
Devoted Companion
The Yorkshire Terrier is a devoted companion and will act as a guardian if challenged


Tribute to Bogie


  • Bogie was born Bogart Roma Noone on a sunny summer day, June 21, 1992 in Iowa to Yorkie Breeders
  • Transferred to the Plano, Texas pet store in August, 1992
  • In October, 1992, we brought Bogie to his new home in Plano, Texas
  • Bogie lived with me and two other roommates and would soon have another companion in December of the same year - his beloved Maltese companion, Algernon


  • After spending many happy days in his home with a large backyard, we moved to a new apartment complex in Dallas in October of 1994
  • Bogie developed many new friendships and was beloved by all
  • In March, 1997, we moved to California and live in Tustin Ranch, where Bogie enjoyed his new home and the sunshine


  • On July 22, 2000, Bogie was called back to heaven, after spending eight wonderful years with us, providing his affection and companionship

    1. Bogie's breeder papers
    2. Bogie as puppy
    3. Bogie with his best buddy, Algernon, when they were puppies
    4. Bogie and Al playing
    5. Bogie at the fireplace at his home in Plano

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