C++ Programming: Scanned images of code and compiler results
Assignment 1
Set up a menu to
  • enter data
  • calculate
  • print
  • Assignment 2
    Set up a menu using
  • functions and parameter passing to generate random numbers
  • count generations of numbers
  • determine the error margin
  • Assignment 3
    Set up a menu using
  • a structure without functions
  • structure with functions
  • class with functions using assigned variables
  • Assignment 4
    Set up a menu using
  • classes without constructors
  • classes with constructors
  • Assignment 5
    Set up a menu and create two classes
  • the first enters and stores numbers
  • the second counts the numbers and computes the sum and average
  • Assignment 6
    Set up a menu using
  • class inheritance

  • Project 1
    Set up a menu for an airline reservation system

    Project 2
    Set up a menu using
  • an overload function
  • have each constructor call that function
  • use parameter passing or global variables

  • Project 3
    Set up a menu to
  • generate random numbers using class inheritance

  • Scopes
    Questions and answers regarding scopes
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