C Programming: Scanned images of code and compiler results
Assignment 1
Write a program allowing the user to
  • enter data
  • calculate
  • print results
  • Assignment 2
    Write a program using
  • "IF" statements
  • Assignment 3
    Write a program using the
  • "SWITCH" statement
  • repeat or LOOP back to the menu
  • use a "WHILE" statement to exit the program
  • Assignment 4
    Write a program using
  • "IF"
  • "ELSE"
  • "WHILE" statements
  • Assignment 5
    Write a program with
  • random number generation
  • count the results (counter code)
  • determine the error margin
  • Assignment 6
    Write a program allowing
  • data entry
  • calculate
  • print results
  • write the same program using functions and parameter passing
  • Project
    Create a bank menu allowing the user to open account, deposit, withdraw, see balance, and exit the menu
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