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Fragments of the ancient Brehon Laws show that hurling was played from at least the eighth century.

Foreign visitors to Ireland in the 17th and 18th centuries noted that hurling and football occupied an important place in the social life of the community.

In August 1884 Micheal Cusack met a group of nationalists in Loughrea, County Galway, and outlined his plans to establish a national organisation to revive hurling.

The Gaelic Athletic Association is more than a sporting organisation. Although it is dedicated to promoting the games of hurling, football, and camogie, the Association also supports activities, which enrich the culture of the nation and further Gaelic ideals, including the Irish language and Irish music and dance.

In 1884, the Gaelic Athletic Association, or GAA, was founded to regularise the playing of these games. Rules were developed, which, despite periodical changes over the years, have remained much the same as they were over 100 years ago. Gaelic games have continued to develop over the years and they are now highly regarded sports, And of course it's not just the men…Ladies Gaelic Football is one of the fastest growing sports in Ireland and this fact is also mirrored out here, where the standard of play has been improving steadily.

In 1994, a group of Irish expatriates who wanted to follow what Micheal Cusack started in 1884 founded a Club to play the national games of Ireland, Hurling and Gaelic Football. These two great sports, with their long and renowned history, are played wherever Irish people are gathered in the world.

In 1995 Camogie was first played in the Gulf between Riyadh and Dahrain with Riyadh been the victories. Since those early days the club has gone from strength to strength.

We compete regularly in Gaelic Games tournaments around the Gulf, The Bahrain Tournament in November, and the Arabian Gulf Championship in Dubai in March.

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