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Maithili has its own script akin to Bengali, Assamese and Manipuri and is claimed to be even older than them. Even today it is used in hand-written invitation cards known as paataa. Known also as Tirhuta or Mithilakshr, only a few scholars use it and the day is not far off when no body will have any knowledge about it.

For the lack of type faces, this script has not gone beyond first and second books. Though it has been used in the Maithili Dictionary by Dr. Jay Kant Mishra, type faces are not available for common use. CDAC, the pioneering institute propagating Indian Scripts have not taken up Maithili Script as Maithili was not included in VIII Schedule of the Indian Constitution. Now that it is recognized, this script may come out of oblivion.

Given below is the minimum set of letters one should know to read and write in Mithilakshar:

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