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Marienthal is a European youth meeting, with a franciscan spirit, it will be in the first week of August. กกก Come and know it !!!


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     Know Marienthal (Click here)

International: it gathers participants from different European countries with all its cultural diversity. Nowadays, the following countries are represented: Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria and Italy. 

Franciscan: in the spirit of St. Francis we are invited to meet other people and celebrate together   the richness of life as well as share personal experiences. 

Youth: due to the need of dynamism and the will to share, Marienthal's participants must have open-minded and young spirits; it's not a question of age but of way of feeling; 

Movement: because it's something continuous and not only a week per year; this movement exists through the whole year in the different activities of each national group.

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