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The Day We Lost the Hoss


This is the chronicle of the last flight of RAVEN Forward Air Controller Edward E. (Hoss) McBride on November 27, 1968 over South Laos. As a participant in the drama, I wanted to document what happened but I knew it would be painful. Hoss's family never knew the entire story of his last flight. Their need helped me to document it after 30 years. I provided a hard copy of the account to them in 1998. 

Hoss was many things to me: a friend, a fellow professional warrior, and a big brother in a way that only war creates brotherhood.

Although this account is about Hoss McBride, it also pays tribute to all of the RAVEN FACs that flew in Laos during the Secret War. In particular, it honors the twenty plus RAVENS, like Hoss, that did not make it back from the Land of the Million Elephants.

Never More!

Tom Lee
January 2000
Revised April 2001

The Day We Lost the Hoss
What happened