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This web site is dedicated to the English settlers of Lacolle, Quebec. These men and their families broke the wilderness of the seigniory in the first half of the 19th Century. Arriving in a wave of emigration during England's post Napoleonic Wars depression, they established settlements throughout Lacolle with churches, schools and stores. Along with their lifestyles, customs and religious beliefs, they brought with them new and better methods of farming and husbandry. Their influence will forever be etched in the character of the seigniory and the history of its British community.

The Face Of An Emigrant

A ghostly portrait of John Cockerline (left) from Patrington, Yorkshire, England. Cockerline settled at Henrysburg, Lacolle, Quebec in 1833. His father-in-law, Marmaduke Jackson, also immigrated to Lacolle. Over 165 years later, Cockerline/Jackson descendants continue to farm the same land.
The Seigniors of Lacolle

The French Regime

Louis Denis de la Ronde
Louis Lienard de Beaujeu
David Lienard de Beaujeu
1743-ca. 1763

The British Regime

Gabriel Christie
Napier Christie Burton
William Penderlieth Christie
Henry Hoyle
Timothy Hoyle
Settler's Origins

The majority of Lacolle's English settlers came from parishes in the North and East Ridings of Yorkshire. Of these, a large number were from the Holderness region around Hull.
There were also small groups of families surrounding Yorkshire, from Durham, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, and a Methodist contingent from the Trent River Valley near Owston, Lincolnshire.
Click here to see a map of Lacolle as it looked just before these English settlers arrived.

English Settlers of Lacolle, Quebec Video
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Mickey Maynard, the publisher of this website.

Families Researched

Akester, Alger, Algar, Allison, Beswick, Bone, Boyce, Braithwaite, Bravender, Brenton, Brothers, Brown, Burroughdale, Clark, Clarkson, Cliff, Cockerline, Collings, Cookman, Cordukes, Crossley, Dennison, Dibb, Dickinson, Dolby, Durham, Ellerton, Elvidge, Etherington, Featherston, Fewster, Fordan, Foster, Francis, Gibson, Goff, Goforth, Gray, Greystock, Hall, Harman, Harper, Harris, Hewitt, Hewson, Hobbs, Hodgson, Holder, Hoyle, Hutchings, Ireland, Jackson, Johnson, Joiner, Jones, Keddy, Kemp, Kent, Lamb, Lazenby, Lindley, Lownsborough, Magson, Matthews, Miller, Moore, Mussen, Nichol, Nichols, Outhet, Paine, Palliser, Peacock, Peck, Pollard, Quest, Radley, Revel, Robinson, Scafe, Scott, Seamans, Smith, Speck, Standage, Stead, Stephenson, Straker, Strapps, Taylor, Tennison, Turner, Wallace, Ward, Watson, Waudby, Williamson, Wilson, Winterbottom, Yarrow

The English Settlers of Lacolle, Quebec subpages

The English Settlers of Lacolle, Quebec
A list of the settlers and their English parish of origin.

A History of Lacolle as it pertains to the English Settlers
A chronology of events in Lacolle's History from 1609 to 1867.

Maps, Church and Cemetery Records, Documentaion, Publications, etc.
A listing of references reviewed for the English Settlers compilation

Photos, Letters and Documentation pertaining to the English settlers of Lacolle
An interesting of collection of miscellaneous 19th Century photos, letters and documentation pertaining to the settlers and their families.

The Early Churches of Lacolle, Quebec
Here are some photos of Lacolle's early Anglican, Episcopal and Methodist Churches.

Genealogies of The English Settlers of Lacolle, Quebec
A few generations of genealogy for each settler.

Family historians researching their English, Lacolle ancestors
A listing of researchers who have contacted the webmixter to obtain or share information.

Christie Seigneuries Grants

Madame Francoise Noel's Database of Original Grantees from the Christie Seigneuries in the Upper Richelieu Valley
Francoise Noel is Professor of History and Department of History Chair at Nipissing University, North Bay, Ontario

Quebec Links

Hemmingford Genealogy Researching and Regional Cemetery Records
A link to Hemmingford, Quebec Genealogies and Cemetery Records Index.

The Missisquoi Historical Society and Museum
An outstanding repository for researching the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

The Quebec and Eastern Townships Genealogy Research Page
A good online source with a well organized website for researching the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Marlene Simmons, researcher.

Huntingdon, Beauharnois and Chateauguay Protestant Parish Registers
A great site to access thousands of parish records and learn more about the pioneers of the Chateauguay Valley. Warren Sadler, Webmonger.

Canadian Genealogy and History Links for Quebec
All the best links for researching ancestral lines in Quebec.

Canada Links

The National Archives of Canada
The National Archives of Canada at Ottawa, Ontario.

Yorkshire Links

An excellent site for researching Yorkshire Parishes and more.

Related Places of Interest

St James The Apostle
Sherrington, Quebec's Vanishing Anglican Church

Historic Glenwood Cemetery
Champlain, New York

This Months Queries

Looking for descendants of William Henry MAINARD/MAYNARD, chairmaker, and Ann FOSTER married 1834, St Armand West, Eastern Townships, Quebec and residing in Clarenceville Quebec in 1851. Their children:
1- Elizabeth bn 1834 - Spinster of Champlain NY,
2- Mary Eliza bn 1835 - married Charles DODDS of Champlain NY,
3- Lucy bn ? - married PORTER resided Pueblo Colorado 1901,
4- Ellen/Hellen 1840 - married Andrew Simms of Franklin Co, VT. Their children: Frank M. (resided Verdi Nevada in 1901), George (resided Stansted Pa in 1901), Anna/Annie (married Fred VanAllen of Highgate VT), Emma (married NICHOLSON resided Seattle Wash in 1901), Bertha (married DOKEY resided San Francisco Cal in 1901)
5- William W. bn 1841 - Butcher, married Elizabeth BOYCE (resided in Champlain NY) Their children Marshall, Jessie
6- Stephen bn 1845- status unknown
7- John Henry bn 1848 - married Martha Chapple (resided Ellenburg, NY) Their children: Ella, Anna, Maggie L., Mattie C., Harold, Betsey, Jennie, Justina, E?
8- Frances Ann bn 1850 - married FOSTER (resided Boston Ma 1901)

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Background for this page is a drawing by Benjamin Lossing of the Lacolle Mill and Blockhouse published in Elinor Kyte Senior's Redcoats & Patriotes.

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