Guided Ice Fishing
with Shelters
on Lake Champlain

If guided ice fishing with portable shanties and quality gear are on your Lake Champlain agenda this season, check out our reasonably priced options. Our portable shanties and heaters are in excellent condition and ready to fish, as are our augers, tip ups and jigging rods. We can put the ice fishing enthusiast on Lake Champlain fully equipped and prepared to stay warm, dry and comfortable for just a few dollars a day! And, we'll show you where the fish are biting. Our seasoned ice fishing experts will guide you to the hot spots.

Our shanties aren't frozen in one random place, in the middle of nowhere, on 120 mile long Lake Champlain.
They're portable, light-weight and built into sleds to help you haul your gear and fish.
They're designed to keep anglers mobile, and if need be, moving with the schools.

Two Man Clam

Two Man

One Man Clam

Guided Ice Fishing packages

Captain Mickey Maynard or one of his seasoned guides will accompany and assist one or more ice fishermen and provide all necessary equipment from shelters, heaters and augers to jigging rods, jigs and tip-ups for one low price.

One to two anglers guided and equipped

Full Day - $100 - 8 hours
Half Day - $75 - 4 hours
Add $25 for each additional angler over two

Jim and friends


Call Captain Mickey Maynard to make arrangements!
(518) 578-9273

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