Lake Champlain Angler
Photo Galleries

You'll be amazed at the shear numbers
of trophy fish in these galleries...

Pre-Spawn Smallmouth

Click here for a sampling of our clients best Lake Champlain smallmouth photos.

Monster Pike!

Check out these toothy Lake Champlain northern pike our clients landed.

Beautiful Hybrid Pike/Pickerel

Here are some beautiful photos of Lake Champlain hybrid pike/pickerel.

Pre-Spawn Largemouth

Click here to check out our Lake Champlain largemouth bass pictures.

Prehistoric Bowfin

If bowfin (mudfish) are your thing, you'll like this photo gallery.

Huge Lake Trout

Here are our best lake trout pictures in the mackinaw gallery.

Powerful Salmon

Here are some examples of our past Atlantic salmon catches.

Awesome Brown Trout

This link will take you to our Champlain brown trout gallery.

A few walleye pictures...
If you catch one on Lake Champlain its usually a big one!

Ice Fishing

Hard water anglers, here's your photo gallery
This one's for the year-rounder!


Here's a gallery exclusively for youngsters
These kids hold the future of
Lake Champlain in their hands!

Here's a gallery of professional bass fishermen
These are our pictures of the big dogs on and around Lake Champlain