Lake Champlain Specialty Lures

Add these specialty lures to your Lake Champlain arsenal to catch more fish! Captain Mickey Maynard is sharing his best kept secrets on this page!!

- Lake Trout -
Northern King Lake Trolls

- Metallic Blue - - - Wonder Bread - - - Monkey Puke - - - Chartreuse Flame -

This is a hard to find lake trout specialty tackle item!
We are offering assorted four-packs of Northern King Lake Trolls for the bargain price of $52.95 plus tax and shipping! We'll include directions on how to use these highly productive attractors and what baits or lures best complement the blades.

Northern King Lake Troll Trout

- Atlantic Salmon -
Tamiron Honey Bee Spoons


Tamiron Honey Bee Assortment

Here is an assorted selection of the one and only Tamiron Honey Bee trout and salmon spoons. It's a great American made Atlantic salmon and lake trout specialty tackle item. Captain Mickey Maynard is a field tester for Tamiron on Lake Champlain. For best results, troll these spoons around 3 miles per hour and tie directly to the line or leader using a barrel swivle. You can get an assorted six pack of these spoons in hot colors for $22.50 plus tax and shipping!

7 pound salmon caught on a Honey Bee spoon

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