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Fishing Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria, Kenya photo, Victoria Invasive Species, Nile Perch

Rusinga Island, Lake Victoria, Kenya

"A small, family-run lodge on the shores of Lake Victoria, Rusinga offers a unique combination of special activities and wildlife. Rusinga Island is in the northeastern corner of Lake Victoria, Africa's largest freshwater lake and source of the river Nile. In Kenyan waters, it is 80 miles west of the Masai Mara. By air, Rusinga is only a 40-minute flight from the Masai Mara where scheduled flights land daily from Nairobi and Nanyuki. The Lodge owns a Cessna 206 and can collect guests from any part of Kenya. Guests arrive by air and walk into the beautiful club grounds surrounded by exotic trees, flowers and birds. A wide stretch of lawn grows to the water's edge, dotted with huge, wild fig trees. Six cottages accommodate 16 guests, each room with an ensuite bathroom and its own view of the lake. The rooms are attractively decorated with local baskets and colorful fabrics. The shop displays many gift items, which support the local people. For the keen fisherman, Lake Victoria is a sporting paradise. Nile perch abound and with frequent catches of over 100 pounds world records are constantly broken." Extract in quotes taken from Rusinga Island Fishing Club

Rusinga Island Lodge

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