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Fishing Pinas Bay, Panama

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Pinas Bay, Panama

This has to be one of the top ten record producing locations in the world! Numerous line-class records have been set here for several types of Pacific billfish as well as Cubera Snapper, and Rainbow Runner just to name a few.

"Panama's Pacific coast is very similar to Costa Rica, except that there are much fewer angling opportunities. The two most popular choices have been TROPIC STAR LODGE to the south of the canal and around Coiba Island to the north. TROPIC STAR is still the only choice in the south, but there are currently four operations near Coiba Island. Both PESCA PANAMA and the CORAL STAR operate the same as Tropic Star with fixed arrival and departure days. COIBA ADVENTURES and the BIG GAME CLUB are much more flexible, both with the number of days you can book as well as the transer days. There are other less known areas that also offer excellent fishing opportunities, although with a lot less publicity, and with less emphasis on the glamor species like billfish." Extract in quotes taken from Tropical Fishing Adventures In Panama

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Tropical Fishing Adventures In Panama

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