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Captain Mickey Maynard

Captain Mickey Maynard
United States Coast Guard
Merchant Marine Officer
and 100 Ton Master Captain with
Assistance Towing Endorsement
License Number 1208746
Able Seaman Unlimited MMD
Homeland Security TWIC Credential
STCW 95 Credential
Phone (518) 578-9273

On Federal waters like Lake Champlain a towing and salvage operator must be a trained, tested and sanctioned US Coast Guard licensed Captain. He must hold a current Captainís License, a USCG Assistance Towing Endorsement and a Homeland Security (TWIC) credential. Fact: Without showing proof of such credentials a marina employee or operator cannot be insured to tow vessels on Federal waters. Protect your investment! Ask your towing Captain to show proof of his credentials before he puts a line on your vessel.

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Over 100 Lake Champlain towing, salvage and rescue operations
performed since spring 2008...

Hard Aground

On July 30, 2009 this sailing vessel wound up hard aground on Colchester Shoal with it's Captain injured. As Coast Guard assets stood watch Captain Maynard attached lines and carefully leaned the craft over. She safely slid off the reef in seconds without further damage to the hull. The vessel, its Captain and crew were then cautiously escorted to safe harbour..

Below are photos of the Plattsburgh State University research vessel R/V Monitor. The 6 ton vessel went down at the Valcour Conference Center during a hard northeast wind on Lake Champlain, October 15th, 2010. Along with State University staff, the LCMRS team raised the vessel a few days later with inflatable salvage bags, pumped her out and towed her safely to a waiting trailer for haul-out.

Submerged Research Vessel Monitor

Pumping Out R/V Monitor

R/V Monitor Floating Again

R/V Monitor In Tow

Captain Mickey Maynard
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or phone him at (518) 578-9273


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