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Welcome to my minute corner of the web.  I'm Kevin Shade, a graduate student at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University - Bloomington.  I am working towards a Master of Public Affairs in Comparative and International Affairs.  I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science also from Indiana University in May 1999.  

I am originally from Salisbury, MD, on the Delmarva Peninsula. If you have never been there, you are missing a lot! Home to the best seafood, friends, family (Hi Mom and Dad!) and Assateague Island (if you are a local) and Ocean City (if you are a tourist!). Hence the photos of the water.

While I was an undergrad at IU, I've expanded my interests quite a bit. I began to SCUBA, and I am currently certified as a Divemaster. It's a great recreational activity. I also took courses in the Russian language, and no, it isn't as hard as it looks, but because of my interests, I want to take Swahili.


What's New

Indy and Lexington U2 Elevation Tour Photos are up!


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