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John Marsden


A Page Dedicated to A Celebrated Australian Author 

by Jessica Smith As Part Of An English Negotiated Study.


John Marsden is one of Australia's best known teenage authors. He worked as a school teacher before publishing his first novel, 'So Much To Tell You', in 1987. Since then, he has published over a dozen novels, including the widely acclaimed 'Tomorrow Series'. Apart from fictional novels, John Marsden has also published a guide for writing, entitled 'Everything I Know About Writing', and a collection of his favourite poetry, 'For Weddings and A Funeral.' 

In a survey of over 40 000 people, 'Tomorrow, When The War Began' was listed as being Australia's fourth most loved book.

Many authors and teenagers have praised his work, The Gold Coast Bulletin called him "a wonderful story teller", and Robert Cormier said that 'Letters From The Inside' was, "In a word...unforgettable."

John Marsden has won a number of awards, including the 1988 Book Of The Year Award, the Allan Marshall award, and the Christopher award, among others.

John Marsden lives in Melbourne, Australia, and takes writers workshops on the Tye Estate.

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