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I do have an extensive fanfiction website, but am currently trying to redesign and move it to another location. In the mean time I have put up this temporary site with all stories (including a few original fiction ones I have never put on any website) on. All all labeled by fandom and in order of date written, starting with the most recent. Enjoy!


NEWPicture Perfect (finished July 2001) - 222k
Quantum Leap
Sam leaps into a divorced father with a daughter frightened by nightmares. When he diggs deeper into the man's past, he sees that even the perfect marriage can crumble.

NEWUntitled (Last Updated July 18, 2001)
Takes places three years after the play ends. A trip back to NYC.
Chapter One || Chapter Two || Chapter Three || Chapter Four || Chapter Five

Baby Steps (April 2001) - 62k
Original Fiction
Giving up on finding love, Emma Wakefield decides to instead reward herself by having a child via artificial insemination. Hoping to change her mind, Emma's best friend Amy sets her up on just one more date - and Emma finds herself making her first solo decision. 

Building Memories (April 2001) - 80k
Original Fiction
After putting her six-year-old daughter to bed, 39 year-old Kate finds herself assembling the setting of her younger days out of Legos and questioning the choices she made in her life.

Introspection: Return (August 200) - 25k
X-Files, co-authored with Lauren
Four months after Requeim, Mulder is returned, and everyone has a lot of figuring out to do.

The Joys of Fatherhood (July 2000) - 6k
Mulder tackles a new task that comes with fatherhood. Companion piece to Meant to Be?

Meant to Be? (completed June 2000)
A night in a motel on a case leads to an unexpected surprise. Written in Scully first-person POV.

Getting Used to (June 2000) - 6k
Requiem spoilers. Some Scully thoughts on new situation.

You're Going Where? (June 2000) - 47k
X-Files, co-authored with Lauren
Another "nice" trip to the forest.

For a Friend? (April 1999) - 64k
X-Files, co-authored with Lauren
"One Breath" post ep. Muldertorture thrown in for free.

For Now (March 1999) - 52k
X-Files, co-authored with Lauren
We always wondered what happened after the credits rolled . . . Triangle post-ep. First person Mulder POV.

It Always Rains in the Middle of the Storm (March 1999) - 60k
X-Files, co-authored with Lauren
Plot hole. Aqua Mala. Need we say more? First person Mulder POV.

Christmas & Mrs. Scully's House (Feb. 1999) - 73k
After spending Christmas Eve in an airport, Scully and a sick Mulder spend Christmas at Mrs. Scully's. Sequel to Christmas Eve & Airports.

Pieces of the Past II: Searching (Feb. 1999) - 135k
X-Files, co-authored with Lauren
No one ever said the searching was easy. Sequel to Pieces of the Past.

Christmas Eve & Airports (Dec. 1998) - 24k
A snowy Christmas Eve in an airport.

Pieces of the Past (Nov. 1998) - 174k
X-Files, co-authored with Lauren
While investigating a case for the VCS, Mulder discovers that not all pieces of the past die.

Countdown (Nov. 1998) - 9k
A new year unlike any other.

Just Another Day (Nov. 1998) - 15k
A Mulder hospital stay from a third person point of view.

Shelf Life: Interrupting Bliss (Nov. 1998) - 6k
Mulder can never do anything right, at least according to his fish.

Wishful Thinking (Oct 1998) - 315k
X-Files, co-authored with Lauren
Wishes can't come true, or can they?

Shelf Life (Sept. 1998) - 8k
A day in the life of Mulder and Scully as told from Mulder's fish.

Taking Care of Business (Sept 1998) - 102k
X-Files, co-authored with Lauren
A dead man, a snow storm, and a sick Mulder make for an interesting case.

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