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Generation No. 2

JOHN2 MARTYN/MARTIN (EDWARD1 MARTYN) was born February 22, 1634 in Ottery, St. Mary, Devonshire, England1, and died March 21, 1713 in Rehoboth, MA. He married JOANNA (EUSTANCE) ESTEN February 26, 1671 in Swansea, MA2,3,4,5, daughter of THOMAS ESTEN and ANN THOMAS.


Death date is March 23, 1733. 


The birth date listed for John is his baptismal date. Birth dates were not recorded at that time period only baptismal dates. DEVON ENGLAND records
The Mayflower Quarterly of November 1983 "The Martins of Swansea, Massachusetts" has his death date listed as March 21, 1713.
His will was written August 28, 1711 and proved April 6 of 1713.
In the "Early History of Swansea and Rehoboth" it lists John as being one of the original signers when Swansea was incorporated in 1669.
The Snow-Estes Ancestry states: "Thus he was a founder of Swansea and the fifteenth signer of an agreement concerning, the governing laws of Swansea".
The "Early History of Swansea and Rehoboth: "John Martin, born in England 1633, died March 21, 1713. Service: Farmer and weaver, appt. 1671 Constable for Swansea, 1673 Surveyor of highways, 1685 again Surveyor of highways."
in "EARLY REHOBOTH" page  38 lists John Martin as Third Rank. They listed people by rank at that time. There were 3 ranks. Tax list
page 39 also lists John on the earliest extant tax list of Rehoboth which includes his name on the November 18, 1670 Swansea Inhabitant List
On Sunday, June 19, 1675, John Martin's house was one of those burned by the Indians during King Phillip's War. . The whole village was in Church at the time. All but 4 houses in Swansea had been burned.
John and Joanna are buried at Tyler's Point Cemetery in Barrington, RI. (Judy Needham visited these graves May 2001).

John Martyn/Martin's parents were Edward Martin and Judith Upham The only information I have on them at this time (1999) is their marriage certificate in Bicton, England and an article on the Upham family . Contrary to several of the Martyn/Martin genealogies  and "Daughters and Sons of the Pilgrims", , Edward was the father of John and not Richard. John himself was the emigrant. This is proven by a copy of John's baptismal certificate from Ottery St. Mary, Devonshire, England. Edward and Judith Martyn did not come to America. John Martyn himself changed the spelling of his name to Martin. In some instances you will find it was spelled Marten.

It is not known exactly when and where John first came to the United States of America. According to various historical pieces including the Snow-Estes Ancestry, he was  in the USA/Massachusetts as early as 1658 to appear in a court case for the Upham family.  Snow-Estes Ancestry states:"  A legal record states that John Martin, living in his uncle Upham's household testified in the suit of Priscilla Upham versus Paul Nixon, June 15. 1658.

We know he was here by 1670 because of the tax list and  he was definitely here by 1671 as this is the marriage date for him to Joanna Esten. Our John was the John Martin of Swansea, Massachusetts and not the John Martin of Rehoboth. The John Martin of Rehoboth was indeed Richard's son. However, in later years our John of Swansea did purchase land from John of Rehoboth and moved to Rehoboth, Massachusetts. This very thing at times caused confusion in trying to track our John and is probably the reason for the discrepancy in some of the "Martin" genealogies and in the "Daughters and Sons of the Pilgrims".  We have the right John Martin, his ancestors and his descendants, as I have spent much time in proving his ancestry and descendancy and in many cases obtaining documentation to prove these facts.


The three Rank System of which our John was in the 3rd rank was devised by Captain Willett in June of 1681. It placed the heads-of-family into three ranks, based on each man's influence and usefulness. People in the first rank received one acre of land. The first rank consisted of the proprietors who had bough Swansea. The second rank included those who rendered services, such as millers, coopers and carpenters. The third-rank people were young couples recently married and relatives, such as cousins and younger siblings of upper rank people.


The following excerpts are  from an article sent to me by Judy Needham. The article is typewritten ,very yellowed with age and is around 70 yrs. old. Judy  thinks it could be from Charles B. Martin, who also left a hand written sheet dated July 22, 1933 of the ancestry  of Elizabeth Martin and her 4th cousin Mabel Martin. 

       "In 1662 John built a house on the Barrington River, in that part of Swansea now Barrington, a title recently found shows its date. In 1673 20 of 5th m. John bought a house and 18 acres of land adjoining it, of Nath. Paine and Israel Peck and this house he deeded in 1707 April 11 to his son Ebenezer.  The house was built near the Barrington Bridge.

     "In his will signed 1711 Aug. 28,  pro. 1713 AP 6 , he divides his land valued at  432 between his 4 sons, his moveables valued at 102 between all his children; wife a life interest n both and appointed Ex. with son Ebenezer. Wit. John Bosworth, Jabez Bosworth, Philip Short.  Inventory taken by Joseph Mason, John West. His Bible printed in 1678 left to his son Meletiah and his staff left to his son John are now in the possession of the latter's descendant, Susan Martin, the wife of Fred Allien of New York City.  The "Book Grantham" left to his "nine children to read at their own homes: is a folio of about six hundred pages entitled: "Christianismus Primitivus" by Thos. Grantham London 1676.  In 1869 it came into possession of Henry Martin author of the Martin Gen. Printed 1880." 

Will of John Martin -submitted by Joyce O'Connell in 1999

The will was hard to read but lists wife, Joana Martin and was signed August 28, 1711. Probated April 6, 1713.

 Malatiah, John and Ephraim (land which he had purchased from John Martin of Rehoboth, the other John Martin).  Manasseh, Ebenezer and daughters and Jemina and Ann did not appear to be mentioned. In the will ₤5 each was to be given to Joana and Judith. The sons appeared to have all received land grants. It was very hard to read , Joyce O'Connell said and did her best to decipher it.


Submitted by Martin Irons--Taken from "Notices, Genealogical and Historical,of the Martin Family of New England....etc",  Henry J. Martin, 1880, pp 64-66:

"John Martin of Swansey, deceased this life ye 21st March 1713-14, aged 80 years." He was consequently born in 1633. "Johanna Martin died ye 23d March, 1733, being 88
years old."

Then it gives John's will in its entirety, starting with: "In the name of God Amen - this 28th August 1711, John Martin of the town of Swansey...." Probated Bristol s.s. 11: April the 6th 1713, before Judge Natha1 (presumably Nathaniel) Paine, entered April the 13th 1713 by John Carey, Register, followed by the inventory registered in the [Bristol] 3rd book  folio 128 April 13th 1713 by John Carey, Register.

John Martin's Will in its entirety listed in the Snow-Estes Ancestry reads:  I typed it as was written

"In the name of God Amen --- this 28th August 1711, John Martin of the town of Swansey in the County of Bristol of the Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England weaver being in & of good sense and soundness & perfect memory praise be to the Almighty God for the same. I knowing the uncertainty of my life and desiring to settle that outward estate which the Lord hath given me.


I do here make this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say --First and Principally I do remmit my soul to God Almighty my Creator hoping to receive the full pardon of all my sins and salvation through the alone merits of Christ Jesus my Redeemer who was delivered for my offences and rose again for my justification and my body to be decently buried.


As touching that worldly estate the Lord hath given me I will that all my lawful debts be paid


And the rest it is my will to bestow it in manner & form following--I do hereby revoke & renounce & make void all other wills made & declare and appoint this to be my last will and testament.


Imps-I do give and bequeath to my beloved wife Joana Martin all that messuage farm or tenement dwelling houses meadows with all priviledges & appurtenances thereunto belonging and likewise all moveables during her natural life or remaining my widow.


I do give unto my son Melatiah Martin all that my forty acres of land that I bought of Samuel Paine & Joseph Brown as by deed doth appear which is in his possess to him his heirs forever, my long table bench & my bible.


To my son John Martin twenty acres of land which he hath in his possession and also my spit & staff I do give to my son Ephraim two and twenty acres which is in his possession which I bought of John Martin of Rehoboth as doth appear by deed to him & his heirs forever--Also my Great Gunn I give unto my son Manasseth three score acres of land that I bought of Mr. Paine of Bristol as doth by deed appear at a place commonly called Munukeg to him & his heirs forever & do give him my cross cut saw and frowes.


I do give to my son Ebeneser Martin all that messuage farms tenement housing lands salt meadow six acres of swamp land barns & all other edifices buildings belonging to me after my wives decease Joana Martin to him his heirs forever.


It is my will that Ebeneser pay to his two sisters Joana & Judith five pounds to each of them in money or equivalent to money out of my estate that I have given him, two years after my decease.  I do give to my son Ebeneser of moveables my Loombs & furniture.  Also one pair of plow irons the greates draft chaine, one hoe one ax the crow of iron the Grindstone & the sider mill.  It is      will that the rest of the moveables without doors to be divided between my other four sons Melatiah John Epharim Manaseth and my four daughters that is to say that without doors between them all but that within doors my household stuff only my four daughters to be divided between them four.


I do leave James Hill with my wife to dispose of & what undivided land there is in the town with my wife & Ebeneser.


I do give my Book Grantham equally to my children to read in when they please at their own homes.


This I do declare to be my last will and testament & no other



John Bosworth

Jabes Bosworth

Philip Short

Bristol s.s. 11: April the 6th 1713


Then before me Natha' Paine Esq. Judge of Probate of Wills & c withn the sd. County appeared the witnesses of the above written will of Mr. John Martin namely John Bosworth, Jabes Bosworth, Philip Short and made oath that they were present & did see 7 hear the sd. John Martin late deceased sign seal and publish the same as his last will and testament & that to the best of their apprehension he was of a disposing mind when he so did

NATHA'PAINE                             JOHN CARY.   Reg.

Entered April the 13th, 1713 by John Carey Register


Identification of 1675 Swansea Inhabitants per list. 

Martin, John 43                                John 3

Joanna Esten or Enstance 30         Jemima 3; Melatiah 2




Another source says marriage is April 26, 1671


1.  JEMIMA3 MARTIN, b. May 29, 1672, Swansea, MA; d. Bef. 1785, Milton, Norfolk, MA.

2MALATIAH MARTIN, b. August 31, 1673, Swansea, MA; d. January 30, 1761, Swansea, MA.

3.  JOHN MARTIN, b. March 15, 1674, Swansea, MA; d. November 3, 1757, Swansea, MA.

4.  EPHRAIM MARTIN, b. February 7, 1676, Swansea, MA; d. June 25, 1734, Rehoboth, MA.

5.  ANNE MARTIN, b. November 14, 1678, Warren, RI; d. November 15, 1759, Attleborough, MA.

6.  MANASSAH MARTIN, b. February 2, 1681, Swansea, MA; d. March 20, 1754, Warwick, RI.

7.  JOANNA MARTIN, b. February 15, 1683, Swansea, MA; d. Barrington, RI.

8.  EBINEZER MARTIN, b. February 16, 1684, Swansea, MA; d. 1727, Barrington, RI.

9.   JUDETH MARTIN, b. November 13, 1686, Swansea, MA; m. JOHN LUTHER, December 24, 1713, Swansea, MA.

(I have no other information on Judeth Martin & her descendants at this time 1999).


( I have no other information on Hannah Martin & her descendants at this time 1999).




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