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The Arts Page

If you have art, writing, music, or anything else you would like posted here,
please email me at, and I will post it.

Check out these friends'
& local bands websites:

A few of the bands I've liked
over the past four years:
my music/music video myspace
most triumphant videos Page 11 - Signs of Vitality
most triumphant videos Page 10 - Burning Love Letters
most triumphant videos Page 9 - Rob Miller
most triumphant videos Page 8 - Cocky, of the 745 Boyz
most triumphant videos Page 7 - 745 Boyz
most triumphant videos Page 6 - Chaindrive
most triumphant videos Page 5 - 9.25.05 745 Boyz live show 2
most triumphant videos Page 4 - 9.25.05 745 Boyz live show 1
most triumphant videos Page 3 - Jitney
most triumphant videos Page 2 - 745 Boyz
most triumphant videos Page 1 - Good Neighbor Day homepage
Peoria Shows Page
745 Boyz' music page
745 Boyz' music page
M. Lee's/745 Boyz website (refresh the page if it doesn't load)
4play Music - Cocky (Tommy Hobbs') myspace music page
745 Boyz' website
Father & Son Tuesday films (morton, IL indie filmmakers with streaming videos)
my myspace
my new mp3 co-blog(10.31.5)
Jitney's music page
Jitney's music page
Nate Hartrich a.k.a. Dow Jones'(of Jitney) music page
Nate's blog
Chaindrive's myspace
Chaindrive's homepage
Burning Love Letters' official website
Burning Love Letters' myspace
The official Signs of Vitality website
The Signs of Vitality myspace
my music @
my music @
Shitty McShitterson and the Two-Tones
The Sneaky Ninjas
Angeltread studios
Thinker Thought Records
Sunnylander Entertainment
Let the sacrilige begin, by Ryan Rudd
washington, illinois' official website
my school, u of i!

dead links/R.I.P.

pain is love, by brad vaughn!
think for yourself music productions
tribute page to justin and brandon
Mike's page o'writing
Tony's page of confusion
the streets
the beastie boys
rilo kiley
the flaming lips
from autumn to ashes
bright eyes
aesop rock
sigur ros
the postal service
ryan adams
alkaline trio
built to spill
dashboard confessional
death cab for cutie
the dismemberment plan
further seems forever
g-love & special sauce
the get up kids
jack johnson
jimmy eat world
lucky boys confusion
john mayer
pat mcgee
saves the day
the samples
the strokes
keller williams
pete yorn

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