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Futuro House - Home of the Future

ATTN: I am in process of moving my site to another hosting company so there may be some moving pains over the next couple of weeks..please bear with me. My new website address is [2005/09/11 - now ACTIVE!!] - still some moving pains but will be rectified shorlty.. thank you

This site is dedicated to the Futuro [aka Flying Saucer or UFO] House.

Architect: Matti Suuronen
Country of Origin: Finland
Year: 1968

One common piece of misinformation on many of the sites is that only 20 Futuros were ever made. In fact, a total of 48 Futuro houses were made in Finland, and approximately the same amount were manufactured abroad on license. So, there are about 96 Futuros out there somewhere and hopefully they can all be accounted for one way or another.
If anyone has any information on the Futuro I would love to hear from you!!


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