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Dorien Grey's

Book with Dorien Grey on Cover

Dorien Grey's books are available from UntreedReads and and Amazon.  Clicking on the
covers will
take you to a purchase link. Later, links to first chapters will be added.

These are Dorien's Dick Hardesty books, all of which have been rereleased by UntreedReads
Some of the Dick Hardesty series are available as audio books, and UntreedReads is working
to issue the remaining books as audio books.  Audio books are listed below.
Cover of "The Butcher's Son"
Cover of "The Ninth Man"
Cover of "The Bar Watcher"
Cover of "The Hired Man"
Cover of "The Good Cop"
Cover of "The Bottle Ghosts"
Cover of "The Dirt Peddler"
Cover of "The Role Players"
Cover of "The Popsicle Tree"
Cover of "The Paper Mirror"
Cover of "The Dream Ender"
Cover of "The Angel Singers"
Cover of "The Secret Keeper"
Cover of "The Peripheral Son"
Cover of "The Serpent's Tongue"

These books are Dorien's supernatural Elliott Smith and John series; Click on the covers to order
from Untreed Reads;  they are also available from Amazon:

Cover of "His Name Is John"
Cover of "Aaron's Wait"
Cover of "Caesar's Fall"
Cover of "Dante's Circle"

Other books by Dorien Grey: Calico (a "different kind of western" as Dorien described it)
is available in print format; the others are ebooks.  Dreams of a Calico Mouse, Dorien's book
of poems, is available from Amazon:

Cover of "Calico"
Cover of "Short Circuits"
Cover of "A World Ago"
Cover of "Dreams of a Calico Mouse"

The following books are available as audio books.  UntreedReads is
working to release all the Dick Hardesty books as audio editions. These audio
books can be ordered from

Cover of the "His Name Is John" Audible
Cover of "Aaron's Wait" Audible
Cover of "Caesar's Fall" Audible
Cover of "The Butcher's Son" Audible
Cover of "The Ninth Man" Audible
Cover of "Calico" Audible
Cover of "Dreams of a Calico Mouse" Audible
Cover of "Short Circuits" Audible
Cover of "The Serpent's Tongue"
Cover of "The Bar Watcher"
Cover of "The Hired Man"
Cover of "The Good Cop"
Cover of "Dante's Circle"
Cover of the audible "The Popsicle Tree:"

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