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TenchiAmp v1.1
CREATED: 4/29/98 (10/20/98)
  Here's my first skin, TenchiAMP v1.1, based on the Anime series, Tenchi Muyo featuring Space Pirate Ryoko, Tenchi Mazaki, and Princess Ayeka.
KOR KissAMP v1.0
CREATED: 5/11/98
  KOR KissAMP v1.0 is a special winamp skin made especially for my lovely and wonderful girlfriend and fellow Kimagure Orange Road fan. Quite romantic, isn't it? ^_^
PochaccoAmp v2.1
CREATED: 5/12/98 (6/27/99)
  Cuteness abounds with PochaccoAmp v2.0. This skin has Pochacco surrounded by his friends, the Piyo-piyo chicks. Part of the Hello Kitty! world. Now Winamp 2.0+ compatible!

Click here to see full Winamp 2.0+ image
FY KissAmp v2.0 (formerly KOR KissAMP2)
CREATED: 5/14/98 (11/2/98)
  FYKissAmp now has it's proper title after having finally been correctly identified after watching several episodes of Fushigi Yuugi and seeing this picture at the end of one of the shows. This is the second of the "Romantic Anime skins".
SkuldAmp v1.2
CREATED: 6/12/98 (7/22/98)
  The start of another anime series based winamp skins -- this time another one of my favorites, Ah My Goddess!. SkuldAmp v1.2 features the youngest of the three goddesses (and favorite of most), Skuld, master bug-smasher. Her ever-present hammer flies along the position bar.
IriaAmp v2.1
CREATED: 6/13/98 (6/27/99)
  Cool hair, cool armor, and a kick-butt gun. What more can you ask for in a bounty hunter? The stunning Iria from the anime IRIA: Zeiram The Animation graces the face of IriaAmp v2.0, now Winamp 2.0+ compatible!

Click here to see full Winamp 2.0+ image
FYAmp v1.0
CREATED: 6/14/98
  Another addition to the "Romantic Anime Skins" featuring the heroes from Fushigi Yuugi, Miaka and Tamahome.
DNA2Amp v1.1
CREATED: 11/20/98 (6/27/99)
  This is a wonderful anime series entitled DNA2 (DNA Squared) based on a really strange time travel premise along with, what else, a bizarre love triangle which seems to be the main plot device in all romantic-comedic Japanese animations. This skin is Winamp 2.0+ compatible!

Click here to see full Winamp 2.0+ image
IkkokuAmp v1.0
CREATED: 11/25/98
  I tried a new style while making this skin for another anime series, Maison Ikkoku. Ikkoku-kan is the name of a very old apartment on a hill outside suburban Tokyo. This quirky romantic comedy follows the crazy antics of the people living in this apartment, in particular Yuusaku and Kyoko (seen on the skin). This skin is Winamp 2.0+ compatible!

Click here to see full Winamp 2.0+ image
IkkokuAmp2 v1.0
CREATED: 11/26/98
  Continuing with a second Maison Ikkoku skin, here are Yuusaku and Kyoko on their skiing trip. Made in the same style as the first. This skin is Winamp 2.0+ compatible!

Click here to see full Winamp 2.0+ image
MKR Amp v1.0
CREATED: 12/5/98
  Time for another anime series - Magic Knight Rayearth featuring the heroine trio of Fuu, Umi, and Hikaru (in order as pictured in the skin). Another great series with swords, magic, and cute girls who kick butt.
RanmaAmp v1.1
CREATED: 12/10/98 (1/11/99)
  A pensive skin for the start of an otherwise comedic anime series. This skin pictures Akane standing in front of a picture of Ranma, characters from the long running and ever popular Ranma 1/2.
MKR-Hikaru v1.0
CREATED: 12/15/98
  Individual Winamp skins for each of the Magic Knights of Magic Knight Rayearth. This first skin features the ever spunky Hikaru.
MKR-Fuu v1.0
CREATED: 12/15/98
  The second in the collection of Magic Knights from the fantastic anime series Magic Knight Rayearth. This skin features the sensitive and brainy Fuu.
MKR-Umi v1.0
CREATED: 12/15/98
  The last of the of Magic Knights from the fantastic extraordinary series Magic Knight Rayearth. This skin features the proud and beautiful Umi.
AlphonseAmp v1.0
CREATED: 12/16/98
  Another one of my favorite anime series, Patlabor. This one has big fighting robots as part of the Japanese police force.
X-Amp v2.0
CREATED: 1/11/99 (7/1/99)
  This is a series made by Clamp, who also created Magic Knight Rayearth. Elaborate detail in their art and and dramatic story-lines characterize their work. This skin is Winamp 2.0+ compatible!

Click here to see full Winamp 2.0+ image
ViolinistAmp v1.0
CREATED: 1/11/99
  This skin was made from an anime series which I haven't watched yet, but the image was sent to me by a person who said that this was her favorite anime series, which means I better go out and watch it. The series is called "The Violinist of Hameln".
VGAi Amp v1.0
CREATED: 2/12/99
  The ever-cute Ai-Chan from the anime and manga, Video Girl Ai. Appearing out of a magical videotape, she was created for the comforting of the pure hearted. However, the VCR the tape was played in was defective, and now she finds herself falling in love...
AlitaAmp v1.0
CREATED: 7/6/99
  The manga and anime known as Gunnm in Japan is better known as Battle Angel Alita here in the States. A really cool dark story set in the grim indeterminate future where a kind of gothic style technology has taken over and it's survival of the fittest.

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