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Shop Tour (Under Construction)

Welcome to my new shop.
This is my shop I just completed. It is 21x16 and I constructed it to come apart for transport. It is small but it does what I need it to for now. Come on in and watch your step.
Please excuse the mess.

This is my work bench where I do almost everything but grinding.

This is my homemade disk grinder. I made it out of a disk from Koval knives, a washing machine motor, and scrap.

Harbor freight Drill and grinder converted into a bigger drill and buffer.

This is a front view of my grinder. On the left end of the shaft you will notice Naders Nightmare. I mount old chopsaw blades in it to use for profiling and tight grinding. The right is my contact wheel. The only things I had to purchase to construct this were the Idler, and contact wheel. The remainder is constructed out of scrap and an old jet pump motor.
A side view of the belt grinder.
This is my latest grinder. It runs real smooth, I just have to reengineer the tracking ajustors, purchase contact wheel and build a square wheel for it. All it takes is money.

Meet Frankenstein

These pictures are of my homemade wood stabilizer.

It is constructed out of some scrap pipe, a motor salvaged off a large swamp cooler, a York ac compressor salvaged from an old Ford, and a couple of canning jars. The pipe is used for pressurizing and the clear jar is my vaccuum chamber. The blue jar is a catch jar to stop the stabilant fumes and mist from reaching my vaccuum pump (it works like an oilbath air filter). The pump is rigged where I can draw vaccuum (about 27"hg max.) and pressurize using the same pump. Did I mention it airs up car tires on the side?