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Peter Pan - First Place Winner of Fairy Tales Characters Makeover Contest for Designer Dolls Magazine

CH DollDesigns

Welcome to My Page!

Collecting and designing for Barbie is my passion! I started collecting about 3 years ago when I bought the Happy Holidays Barbie and Angel of Joy Barbie for my daughter's first Christmas. Shortly thereafter, my mother gave me a box full of Barbies from my childhood. Trying to identify and clean and repair the dolls and outfits brought back so many great memories that I started collecting vintage, as well as newer collector Barbies. Since I could only afford vintage "fixer-uppers", that led into rerooting vintage as well as reproduction dolls and recently, into design. I have auctioned some of my designs on eBay with very pleasing results! This has led to a lot of custom work. Below are some examples of my work.

My Reroots

Reproduction bubble cuts rerooted as swirls - platinum blonde, copper brown, brunette, and ash blonde.

Reproduction bubble cuts rerooted as a Brunette American Girl, American Girl Sideparts - ash blonde and brunette, and a Midnight Color Magic.

Reproduction TNT's rerooted as Marlo Flips - brunette and platinum blonde.

These reproduction TNT's have gotten unusual reroots - neon pink, neon orange, platinum swirl, and Busy Barbie hairstyle.

Reproduction Francie has been rerooted into the "No-Bangs" Francie, blonde, brunette, and AA. My most popular doll, "No-Bangs" Francies have gone to live in Guam, Australia, and Japan!

Some reroots from my collection - two vintage Skippers rerooted with modern hair, a reproduction Midge rerooted into a "Bend Leg" look and given rooted eyelashes and additional eyeliner, and a vintage Francie rerooted as a titian!

Barbie as Bild Lilli

Formerly reproduction ponytails, these Barbies have been transformed into replicas of the German Bild Lilli, the doll that Barbie was designed after. They have received complete facial repaints, and their front hairline has been rerooted and hair restyled. Here are One Of A Kind (OOAK) Lilli's and "Ready To Dress" Lilli's. Hair colors available - platinum blonde, lemon blonde, honey blonde, brunette, and titian. Lilli has been another one of my most popular dolls! She has also travelled all over the world - England, Scotland, Japan, Korea.

"No Bangs" Francie

Reproduction Francies rerooted as "No Bangs" Francies dressed in reproduction original outfits. (Not shown: brunette "No Bangs" Francie).

OOAK (One of a Kind) Gallery

Left to right: "Ebony and Ice", "Harvest Ball", "Nile Queen", "Winter Wonderland"

Left to right: "Groovy Baby", "Outasite!", "Busy Barbie", and "Marlo Girl".

Left to right: "Lady in Red #1", "Lady in Red #2", and "Midnight Blue".

Left to right: "Afternoon Tea", "Center Stage", and "Blue Ice".

Reproduction and Retro Fashions

Left to right: "Enchanted Evening" variations, and "Midnight Blue" (also available: "Midnight Red" and "Midnight Pink").

Left to right: "Golden Girl", "Helenca" Swimsuit (also available in blue and black), and "Sisters" fashions.

Fashion Through the Decades

This is a project I'm currently working on for myself. Vogue Patterns has put out a series of Barbie patterns, "Fashion Through the Decades" with a fashion for each decade of the past century. This is the 1900's fashion.

Wedding Recreations

Left to right: Recreation of my wedding dress, and recreation of my mother's wedding dress.

Thank you for looking at my designs! If you are interested in my work, you can contact me at
Carrie Hiser, CH DollDesigns
(Not affiliated with Mattel in any way.)
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