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Pictures of other peoples cat 22

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Pictures of Brian's cat 22

Picture of Neil Lennox of Manitoba, Canada on a cat 22,

submitted by his son Glenn Lennox.
We are located in Manitoba, Canada. These are recent pictures of our 22, S/N 2F 2535. My Dad, Neil Lennox (shown on it in the one picture), traded an extra Cat 15 for it about 6 years ago. It had sat for years in front of a machinery dealer as a "lawn ornament". The bottom rad tank and front block had frozen up and cracked, and it was seized up, but the rest of the tractor was in good shape. He got the tank brazed, and found a used block that just had to be bored out to fit the oversize pistons in the tractor. Except for the missing track frame dirt shields and hood side panels, it is complete, with original magneto and carb. However, someone has "customized" the seat, going to a lot of effort to box in the sides and back, perhaps to make it look more like a D2? The manifold has been converted to exhaust straight up through the hood, rather than out to the side. Dad added a rear 540 rpm pto that he had left over from one of his Cat 15 projects; it fit the 22 with no problem. The pulley on the left front of the engine was for a hydraulic pump; I plan to remove it as soon as we get the right fan belt. It also needs repainting, as the current paint is more of a cream color than yellow. In the pictures, we had just started it for the first time after sitting all winter. Only took about 3 pulls on the crank to get it going. Glenn Lennox

Here is a picture of Richards Cat 22

Here is Joe's Cat 22 Before.

And here it is Now