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Orang Utan Invitational 2002

1. Tournament starting date is 01 September 2002.

2. Tournament ends on 01 August 2003.

3. Games not finished by 01 August 2003 must be sent to the Tournament Director for adjudication before 01 September 2003 .

4. Games will be adjudicated by the chess program ChessMaster 8000 with a search depth set to 18 plies.

5. Computer "help" is not allowed! You can use PGN readers, chess databases and other similar tools but in no case should you refer to a computer to analyze the position.

6. No entry fee.

7. The tournament follows IECG rules version 6.4 unless noted otherwise. Time allowed is 40 days for 10 moves and IECG standard (as opposed to Rapid Class) tournaments rules apply.  It is mandatory to append timekeeping information to every move transmission.  That means the date on which the last move of the opponent was sent, the date on which that move was received by the player, the date on which the player replied to that move, a record of the time taken to reply to the opponent's last move and finally a record of the total reflection time used by both players.

8. All games must start with 1.b4.  Every player will play 7 games with White and 7 games with Black for a total of 14 games.  You play 14 games simultaneously! This is a round robin tournament.

9. This is a friendly tournament!  Fun is our first prize!

10. Reflection time begins on the tournament start date but you can start playing as soon as you receive your pairing chart.

11. If there's any problem regarding any aspect of the tournament, contact the Tournament Director .

12. Selection of the invited players is done by the Tournament Director based on the following
eligibility criteria:

1) Player has won a section of an IECG tournament;
2) Player has won one of Marek Trokenheim ´s tournaments;
3) Player has won an IECC tournament;
4) Player is invited on a courtesy basis.
13. Players that wish to participate in the "Orang Utan Invitational 2002" but have not been invited can participate if they fulfill any of the first 3 requirements described at item 12.  As usual, new qualifying players will be added to the tournament list on a first come first served basis.  In all cases though, the Tournament Director has the final word on the tournament list and player selection.

14. Any player that withdraws from an "Orang Utan Invitational" tournament will be barred from such tournaments for a 3 year period.

15. All game reports must be in PGN format .


[Event "Orang Utan Invitational 2001"]
[Site "Internet"]
[Date "2001.08.01"]
[Round "1"]
[White "Einstein, Albert"]
[Black "Churchill, Winston"]
[Result "1-0"]

1. b4 e5 1-0

16. The following procedure will be used to break ties : Sonneborn-Berger, individual game result.

17. At the end of the tournament, all games will be made available on the web site.

18. Every player will have to submit his best game of the tournament to the Tournament Director who will redistribute the 15 best games to all players so we can vote a beauty prize : the Miralles award.

19. Enjoy and have fun!

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