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If you wish to send me 1.b4 games, please send them in PGN or Chess Assistant 5.0 format at the email address found in section contact .  Once again, many many thanks to all contributors !

Note : Due to a bug in a conversion/filtering tool that was applied to the database, some events and some player names (especially those containing "special foreign characters") have been replaced by incorrect values, e.g. if your opponent was M. Anderson, you'll possibly find your game against Ulf Anderson!  I am reconverting more that 3 million PGN games to reconstruct the database and will let you know when everything is done.  Thanks to Marek Trokenheim for that one, he's the one who picked up the problem!  In the meantime, the games were not corrupted but only some PGN tags and I still do not know to which extent.  Sorry folks!

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