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Chess Analysis Project
(Also known as C.A.P.)

This project was an initiative of Dan Corbitt and all related files are here !

This fantastic project is an attempt to analyze the whole ECO encyclopedia and/or specific chunks of chess opening theory to find flaws, novelties and blunders...  By using the power of hundreds of computers, Dan Corbitt (and his team!) has been able to generate and evaluate a mostly unknown sector of the vast chess opening theory : the Orang Utan opening.  The file that resulted from this experiment contains the evaluation and principal variation of 126080 unique positions!

The original files for the Orang Utan opening are located here and more info on the project can be found in the FAQ or on the ftp directory .  Since that FTP site is usually busy, you can also download these files here : the FAQ , the zipped EPD positions and the README file.

Ideally, I'd re-arrange this data and write a little tool to retrieve the evaluation of a specific variation and/or position but I'll have to put more thought into that.  Suggestions and ideas are welcome!  I have already a reduced version of the file but I personally do not think that the EPD format is of any use at the moment.  Something like the tree view of Chess Assistant would be the best way to display that data.  I also have to figure out a suitable format (MS-Access, DBF, etc.) to store the information...  In other words, the data's there we only need to do something useful with it!

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